If you’re a veteran looking for a college or university, wouldn’t you like to know which schools offer the most veterans programs to help you succeed? Veterans programs like credit for military experience, tuition discounts, and an SVA chapter on campus can help you to complete your college education on time and within your budget.

Schools With The Most Veterans Programs

If I was to make my own list of top colleges and universities based only on which provide the most veterans programs, what would that list look like? Look no further…

  1. Wright State University-Main Campus
  2. Old Dominion University
  3. University of North Dakota
  4. Southern Illinois University- Carbondale Campus
  5. Eastern Kentucky University
  6. Jacksonville University
  7. Austin Peay State University
  8. University of Utah

These eight schools are the only not-for-profit institutions that participate in or provide all of the 17 veterans benefits programs.

How did I come up with this list?

I registered for free at CollegeRecon, clicked the “Find A School” tab at the top, then went to “Vet/Military Services” and proceeded to highlight every one of the 15 programs in the search interface. That way, the only institutions that came up on my search were those that participated in all 17 of the programs. Ta-da!

This list is a good place to start, but finding the right school for YOU is not easy, so do your research.

Don’t Purely Stick to Lists, Do Research

Keep in mind that you will find schools based on numerous factors. If you only look at veteran programs on campus, you may miss out on other important considerations. Consider your needs, criteria, and the veteran programs that best fit your situation. Visit the schools and talk with your friends about where they’re going to school.

College and university ranking articles should not be the sole source of information to make your decision. Use them as baselines against which to measure other schools in your search. And while some of the best schools, like Princeton and Villanova, only offer credit for the CLEP exam, they are still great schools and worthy of your consideration.