Caroline Sposto

Caroline Sposto is a writer, actor, and the founder of Savvy Civility, an educational company that specializes in civilian role play training. She has a passion for the arts, education, and small business.
Top Scholarships in the Mid-Atlantic

Top Scholarships in the US Mid-Atlantic Region

College Scholarships for Students Looking to Attend Schools in the Mid-Atlantic The Mid Atlantic is home to world-famous cities and natural wonders that include coastlines, beaches and mountains. It also has many exceptional military friendly colleges and universities. If you’re considering colleges in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, or West…

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VA-Approved Graphic Design Schools

10 Top VA Approved Graphic Design Schools

Ten Top Graphic Design Schools that are GI Bill® Approved Our world is becoming more media-centric and visually-oriented every year. A degree in Graphic Design can open a variety of doors. You can work in Digital Media, Advertising, Package Design, Publishing, and more.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Graphic Designers earn an…

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College Scholarships in Hawaii and Alaska

College Scholarships in Alaska and Hawaii

List of College Scholarships for Residents of Alaska and Hawaii Though Alaska and Hawaii are miles apart in climate, culture and geography, they’re both unique and exciting. Here are some of the exciting scholarships available in both Alaska and Hawaii. AlaskAdvantage® Education Grant Awards $500 – $4,000 (multiple, renewable awards) Who’s Eligible: For Alaska students,…

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southwestern us scholarships

College Scholarships for Southwestern US Residents

Scholarships for Those Living in Southwestern U.S. States When people think of the Southwest, they typically think of scorching sunshine, jaw-dropping landscapes, canyons, deserts, ethnic diversity, and Mexican-inspired cuisine. The region also boasts some excellent colleges and universities, as well as scholarship opportunities for veterans. Here’s a list of great scholarships for those living in…

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california scholarships

College Scholarships in California

California Scholarships for Students Attending Colleges or Universities If you live in California and love the geographic and human diversity of the Golden State, here are some scholarships for veterans and civilians you’ll want to know about The ACWA Scholarships Awards $3,500 two awards Description:  For juniors attending an accredited, University of California or California…

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college scholarships colorado montana wyoming

College Scholarships for Those Living in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming

Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming Scholarships for College Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming are rich in outdoor recreation, wide open landscapes, and history. Though large cities are few and far between, there are some wonderful colleges and universities, including military friendly colleges. This list might include the life-changing opportunity you’re looking for. The Allen and Dorothy Bell…

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scholarships texas

College Scholarships for Texas Residents

Scholarships for College for Those Who Live In Texas If you live in the Lone Star State, you’re used to wide-open spaces, friendly people, diverse, small towns, hot weather, and barbecue. As the saying goes, “Everything’s big in Texas,” and that includes the vast assortment of scholarships available in military-friendly colleges. The Austin Women in…

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minority scholarships

13 Inclusive Minority Scholarships

While there are many scholarships specifically created for intellectually gifted African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans, there are also scholarships that are more inclusive when it comes to being eligible. If you identify as a minority, one of more of these scholarships may be right for you.

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Nike Military & Student Discounts, Coupons & Deal

Nike Military Discount vs Nike Student Discount Nike currently offers a military discount for both in-store and online purchases. The Nike Military Discount is available for most items.  In addition, they offer a Nike student discount.  Eligible for both?  Find out which one’s better for you. Does Nike Offer a Military Discount? Yes, Nike has…

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tech training military veterans

Tech Training Opportunities For Military and Veterans

Tech Training Opportunities You May Not Know About Jobs in technology tend to be abundant, interesting, and well-paid. In addition, they often offer more flexibility, job mobility, and work/life balance than many other careers. If information and training are the only things keeping you from pursuing a technology career, there are different ways to overcome…

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optometry careers

Future Looks Bright in Eye Care Careers

If you’ve ever considered a career in eye care, you’ll be pleased to know that the employment outlook is good for those with degrees in optometry or ophthalmology. Growth in the market is steady and predictable. The population is aging, and once people reach the age of forty, they tend to need more help with vision correction and other eye-related concerns than before. On top of that, the U.S. population continues to grow.

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welding career

Welding: A Wise Career Choice

If you want great money, great job security, & interesting work without spending years in school, a Career in Welding maybe your wise career choice. Read more.

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for profit schools and GI Bill benefits

Choosing a School: What About For-Profit Schools

Your GI Bill money is a hard-earned benefit. Investing it wisely will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Once you know what you want to study and why, you have to decide where you want to enroll. Make sure you understand some fundamentals, including the difference between the these types of colleges: Public, Private, and For-profit.

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criminal justice scholarships

Criminal Justice Scholarships

Criminal Justice is a major that can open a lot of different doors. In addition to careers in police work and corrections, you can work as a park ranger, a rehabilitation counselor, a forensic expert, or an officer in the court system. You can also become a criminal law paralegal, go on to graduate school…

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public administration scholarships

Public Administration Degree Scholarships

Pursuing a degree in Public Administration is a big decision. It’s an education that can qualify you for a broad variety of careers in different industries including for nonprofits and local, state, or national government.  If you’ve chosen that direction there are lots of public administration scholarships available. Below you’ll find a partial list.

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