Caroline Sposto

Caroline Sposto is a writer, actor, and the founder of Savvy Civility, an educational company that specializes in civilian role play training. She has a passion for the arts, education, and small business.
minority scholarships

13 Inclusive Minority Scholarships

While there are many scholarships specifically created for intellectually gifted African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans, there are also scholarships that are more inclusive when it comes to being eligible. If you identify as a minority, one of more of these scholarships may be right for you.

coast guard scholarships

11 Best Scholarships for Coast Guard Members

The Best Scholarships for Members of the U.S. Coast Guard and their Families Whether you’re active duty, reserve, or a family member, your affiliation with the U.S. Coast Guard may make you eligible for some terrific academic scholarships. Check out this list. Captain Ernest W. Fox Perpetual Scholarship Award: $2,000 Who’s Eligible: For qualified active… Read more »


Nike Student and Military Discounts

Nike Military Discount vs Nike Student Discount Nike currently offers a military discount for both in-store and online purchases. The Nike Military Discount is available for most items.  In addition, they offer a Nike student discount.  Eligible for both?  Find out which one’s better for you. Does Nike Offer a Military Discount? Yes, Nike has… Read more »

college and covid-19

Sending Your Child to College During Covid-19

Sending Your Child to College During Covid-19 The transition to campus life is a milestone military kids tend to excel at. Family separations and frequent moves have made them adaptable, mature, and resourceful. Spending four years on the same college campus without having to change schools is a prospect many find awesome. Suddenly they’ve found… Read more »

federal agencies hire veterans

Federal Agencies Looking to Hire Veterans: FBI, CIA, DHS, more

Federal Agencies Looking to Hire Veterans Whether you want to leverage your existing skills or make a bold career change, your military experience and training may make you an ideal candidate for a position in one of these government agencies: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) The Department of Homeland Security works in the civilian… Read more »

tech training military veterans

Tech Training Opportunities For Military and Veterans

Tech Training Opportunities You May Not Know About Jobs in technology tend to be abundant, interesting, and well-paid. In addition, they often offer more flexibility, job mobility, and work/life balance than many other careers. If information and training are the only things keeping you from pursuing a technology career, there are different ways to overcome… Read more »

optometry careers

Future Looks Bright in Eye Care Careers

Eye Care Degrees and Scholarships If you’ve ever considered a career in eye care, you’ll be pleased to know that the employment outlook is good. Growth in the market is steady and predictable. The population is aging, and once people reach the age of forty, they tend to need more help with vision correction and… Read more »

welding career

Welding: A Wise Career Choice

How to Pursue a Career in Welding Does the thought of sitting behind a desk put you to sleep? If you want great money, great job security, and interesting work without spending years in school, a career in welding may be your best bet. America is in desperate need of welders. Older welders are reaching… Read more »

hvac technicians

Hot Prospects for HVAC Technicians

Hot Prospects for HVAC Technicians When it comes to stability and a promising job market, you can’t go wrong getting skilled in a trade.  If you’re looking for a trade that offers job growth and a relatively short training time, you may want to consider becoming an HVAC technician. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and… Read more »

for profit schools and GI Bill benefits

Choosing a School: What About For-Profit Schools

Be Savvy Choosing Your College Your GI Bill money is a hard-earned benefit. Investing it wisely will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Once you know what you want to study and why, you have to decide where you want to enroll. Many U.S. colleges are facing challenges because the college-age population… Read more »

public service loan forgiveness

Student Loan Forgiveness & 0% Interest Loans

Student Loan Forgiveness & 0% Interest Loans There’s so much talk about oppressive student loan debt nowadays that the good news tends to get eclipsed. Here are two pieces of good news you may to find useful: You May Be Eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Did you know serving in the military is… Read more »

criminal justice scholarships

Criminal Justice Scholarships

Criminal Justice is a major that can open a lot of different doors. In addition to careers in police work and corrections, you can work as a park ranger, a rehabilitation counselor, a forensic expert, or an officer in the court system. You can also become a criminal law paralegal, go on to graduate school… Read more »

electrician military veteran

Becoming an Electrician as a Veteran

Electricians Are in High Demand If you like being hands-on, doing work that requires practical knowledge, and hope to earn while you learn instead of paying tuition, becoming an electrician may be the choice for you. Electrical work isn’t repetitive or monotonous. Most electricians encounter and solve new problems every day. The job’s not glamorous,… Read more »

public administration scholarships

Public Administration Scholarships

Scholarships For Public Administration Degrees Pursuing a degree in Public Administration is a big decision. It’s an education that can qualify you for a broad variety of careers in different industries including for nonprofits and local, state, or national government. If you’ve chosen that direction there are lots of public administration scholarships available. Below you’ll… Read more »

Careers and Degrees in Public Administration

Have You Considered a Career in Public Administration? What personal qualities have you discovered and honed during your military career?  If stamina, perseverance, and resourcefulness are among the attributes you can claim, chances are you’d be an ideal candidate for a career in Public Administration. There’s always a need for mission-driven leaders who can unite… Read more »

physician assistant veteran

Reasons For Veterans To Become a Physician Assistant

Reasons to Become a Physician Assistant If you want high pay, job security, and meaningful work, a career in healthcare may be your best bet. The combination of an ever-growing need and a shortage of qualified professionals puts Physician Assistants (PAs) in particularly high demand. Job Market For Physician Assistants The job market for PAs… Read more »