Leah Felderman

Born in SoCal yet raised Tampa, Florida - Leah earned her undergraduate BA in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida. Leah earned her MA in the MALAS at San Diego State University, while also completing a graduate teaching certificate in English for Secondary Education. An avid traveler, she has visited more than 60 countries. With the birth of her son Spencer in 2012, Leah embarked on her biggest adventure (yet) as parent and Coast Guard wife.
massage therapist GI Bill

Become a Massage Therapist with Your GI Bill®

Massage therapy is a popular career choice that focuses on both treatment for specific ailments and overall health and wellness. An education and training in massage therapy is typically found as a postsecondary certificate program and as an associate degree program.  Find out if the GI Bill will help you pay for massage therapy school.

Political Science Degrees and Jobs

Political Science: Degrees and Jobs

Great Degrees for Amazing Careers: Political Science A Political Science degree is a fantastic opportunity for military members (past and present) and their family members. Living the military lifestyle gives students a unique perspective and excellent background for a degree in Poli-Sci. Earning a degree in Political Science can prepare students for diverse and rewarding… Read more »

theology and biblical studies for military and veterans

Theology and Biblical Studies for Military and Veterans

Theology and Biblical Studies: Certificates, Degrees, and Jobs for Military and Veterans An education in theology or biblical studies can open doors to a meaningful career. Theology and biblical study programs can be found as certificates, undergraduate, and graduate degrees. Although many people think that theology and biblical studies majors only go on to become… Read more »

nonprofit management career

Nonprofit Management: Education and Careers

A career in nonprofit management offers excellent pay and a variety of options of employers. From animal welfare to education to veteran services, the opportunities to embark on a meaningful career with excellent pay can be started in just a short period of time.

senior living management degree

Online Senior Living Management Degree

A certificate or degree in Senior Living Management is an interdisciplinary course of study that combines Hospitality Management with Aging Studies and Health Care Management.  A successful education in senior living management will teach students to adapt the culture and philosophy of hospitality to the senior living industry to enhance the overall experience of the residents.

degree in environmental studies

Getting a Degree in Environmental Studies

A degree in Environmental Studies prepares students for a variety of interesting and profitable careers. An environmental studies degree will provide students with education and skills that can be applied across a spectrum of disciplines including science, social behavior, and humanities. Students can gain a scientific background by which to understand environmental science while also gaining knowledge of the social, political, and ethical dimensions of environmental action and policy.

health services administration degrees

Online Degrees in Health Services Administration for Military & Veterans

A degree in Health Services Administration can open doors to an excellent career with fantastic pay. Health services administration is an increasingly popular field of study that appeals to people interested in the wide reaching and ever-evolving healthcare industry. This degree is perfect for those passionate about healthcare yet prefer management to direct patient care.

teaching english degree

Getting a Degree in Teaching English (TESOL)

Earn a Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) English is one of the most widely used languages in the world. The fields of science, commerce, aviation, and education (among others) all require a strong knowledge of the English language. If you have ever struggled learning a second language, you can understand… Read more »