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Samantha Cain has 10 years of experience as a freelance writer and content creator, specializing in a variety of topics such as higher education, personal finance, event planning, DIY projects, and military life. She holds a BA in English, is working towards an MS in Higher Education, and has been a military spouse for eight years. Having lived on a number of overseas military bases, she brings a unique perspective to her writing and strives to provide quality and beneficial information to the military community.
gi bill benefits guard reserve

Proposed Legislation Could Increase GI Bill Benefits for Guard, Reservists

In mid-March, the Guard and Reserve GI Bill Parity Act of 2021 was introduced, which would make it easier for National Guard and Reserve servicemembers to accumulate GI Bill benefits. Read how this new legislation may help and how it may impact education benefits for the Guard and Reserve.

Top Schools For Utilizing TA Benefits

Top Schools For Utilizing Your Tuition Assistance Benefits

Top Schools For Utilizing TA Tuition Assistance is a wonderful added benefit for active duty service members to utilize, as it provides the ability to pay up to 100% of tuition. Each service does have its own criteria and restrictions, though. Regardless, there are a number of institutions that are very popular among the military… Read more »

Navy and Air Force Tuition Assistance

Navy and Air Force Tuition Assistance (TA) Benefits Changes

Tuition Assistance (TA) is more popular now than ever thanks to COVID, with most service members having a little extra time on their hands to focus on higher education. Because of this increase in use, changes have been made to both Navy and Air Force Tuition Assistance education benefits.

Army Scholarships for Higher Education

Army Scholarships for College

Scholarships for Higher Education for Army As previously reported, in seeking higher education scholarships, it can be beneficial to look for specific ones that are only open to an explicit group of people. In our next part of branch specific scholarships, we’re going to dive into those that are open only to Army personnel and… Read more »

operation homefront dollar tree

Operation Homefront and Dollar Tree Give Back To Military Families This School Year

Operation Homefront Teams Up With Dollar Tree to Help Military Families For the 12th consecutive school year, Operation Homefront is teaming up with Dollar Tree – which has storefronts in 48 states and 5 Canadian provinces – to launch the annual “Back-to-School Brigade” program. The program is a nationwide school supply collection and distribution campaign… Read more »

back to school shopping

Back-to-School Shopping Tips

Back-to-School Shopping Tips The coronavirus has changed what shopping looks like, as well as what types of things are now on the shopping list. For this year, whether attending school in-person or virtually, there are some essential supplies that kids will need. To make sure you’re being efficient and not breaking the bank, we’ve compiled… Read more »

air force scholarships

Scholarships for Air Force Service Members and Veterans

Scholarships for Air Force Service Members and Veterans There are thousands of scholarships open to those seeking higher education. With such a large pool of people competing, it can be beneficial to look for specific scholarships that only a select group can apply to. Something active duty service members can do – and in some… Read more »

mooc's professional development

Professional Development Opportunities Through MOOCs

Professional Development Opportunities Through MOOCs In the digital age, we have found near-instantaneous ways to disseminate and intake relevant information. You can regularly hear the phrase, “Google it” uttered in a casual conversation. 81% of U.S. adults have a smartphone and 73% have access to the internet from the comfort of their homes. College has… Read more »