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Business Administration degrees for student vets

Hot Degrees for Vets: Business Administration

Bachelor’s of Business Administration degrees (BBA) are highly sought after. Why? Because the wide scope of knowledge that this particular degree provides is transferable to countless different industries, career fields, and opportunities. Truly, the sky is the limit for those with a Business Administration degree.  But, why should veterans, in particular, seek out a bachelor’s…

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human resources degrees

Hot Degrees for Vets: Human Resources

Employees are the blood of any company. The Human Resources Department of a company oversees every aspect relating to employees (recruiting, hiring, training, retention, etc.) Therefore, businesses want to have strong Human Resources teams that are educated and experienced to ensure that the lifeblood of the company (the employees) is strong and happy. That’s why…

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HOT DEGREE: Engineering Programs

Engineering degrees are hot right now and there’s no surprise why: they are in high demand, are high paying, and are stable. Those are reason enough for us to say that college bound veterans need to explore getting an engineering degree. High Demand & Stability Engineers are problem solvers. There will always be problems in…

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military friendly nursing programs

HOT DEGREE: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Making the transition from military to civilian can be scary. However, if you are armed with a degree that can take you and your career places, then you’ll do great! One of those degree programs is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Here’s why student veterans and military spouses are currently flocking to BSN…

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Information Technology Degrees

Hot Degrees for Vets: Information Technology

If you know you want to get into an industry for the long-haul and specialize in that industry later in your career, wouldn’t you set yourself up for success by laying a strong foundation? In the IT world, that foundation is an Information Technology degree. Information Technology (IT) as a field is booming and needs…

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