EOD techs looking to transition out of the military needn’t look far for relevant positions on the outside. EOD Technicians advance to governmental agencies, private security companies, law enforcement teams and other private institutions. However, the 3 main fields one can go into when transitioning out of their military EOD career are the following:


Law Enforcement (LEO) 

Transitioning from the military into law enforcement is the most obvious field EOD techs go into. Being an EOD tech in the military uniquely prepares individuals to be on a bomb team or diving squad in law enforcement. Different sectors where one could potentially work include (but are not limited to)  FBI bomb squad, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Secret Service, Police, Fire Fighter, and more. One thing to note about transitioning into law enforcement is that it’s normal for individuals to have to go through a police academy or spend time in the agency before being considered for certification as a bomb tech.

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Going this route would be most similar to your military experience as you’ll be on site in a foreign country for months at a time. UXO companies send teams all over the world to render areas safe as well as collect unexploded ordnance, safely detonate and dispose of them.

Government Contracting

Government contractors love hiring military EOD techs! Why? Because the hard work in training individuals and getting them security clearance is already done.

EOD Tech Career

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Job Opportunities

We went onto Indeed and did a search for different jobs that fit into these fields. We noticed that some jobs also ask for a bachelor’s degree, but most just want applicants to have years of experience & a security clearance.


Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Weapons Engineer

UXO Technician

Technical Trainer – Explosive Ordinance Disposal

EOD Technician


Companies Hiring EOD Techs

Here’s a list of companies that hire loads of EOD techs (although this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are more!)

Lockheed Martin

Macauly-Brown, Inc.



AR Services



Are you an EOD Tech who successfully made the transition from the military to a civilian career? Share your wisdom and experience in the comments below!


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