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Yellow Ribbon Program Schools

Some people find out the hard way that even though you have GI Bill benefits, you could still end up having to pay for different tuition and expenses. (Tuition & fees may exceed the amount the Post 9/11 GI Bill will pay if you are attending a private school, or a public school as a […]

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How To: Build A Sustainable Military Spouse Career

Many think that the full-time job of a military spouse is automatically to support their active duty military partner. While being a supportive spouse is SO crucial in a successful military career, that doesn’t mean that it has to be their FULL-TIME, 9 to 5 commitment. Military spouses should still be able to have their […]

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How One Marine Found Her Ideal Veteran Friendly Master’s Degree

Not sure what to study using your GI Bill? No worries! Some military affiliated students go into a degree program and discover their true calling while getting real world experience. That’s how it worked for Alyssa DeStefano, United States Marine Corrections Officer. An Education + The Marines DeStefano’s education started prior to joining the Marines. […]

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How One Marine Took Her Career To The Next Level

For those who have done an accredited certification program, but want more information, expertise, and to take your career to that next level… start looking for a master’s program. That’s exactly how it started for Marie Gonzalez, previous Marine, and current military spouse. The search as student veteran for a master’s program… A Career With […]

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8 Questions That College-Bound Veterans Should Ask Admissions Counselors

College-bound veterans have a ton of questions about prospective schools (& rightfully so). Connecting with the Veteran Affairs Coordinator at your school of choice is the most efficient way to get all of your questions answered. The following are 8 questions you should ask the Veteran Affairs Coordinator to determine if the school places an emphasis […]

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4 Reasons Why Transitioning Veterans Should Go To College Before The Work Force

After leaving service you are going to have all kinds of questions on what to do next, which direction you should take your career, and should you go back to school? Before removing the “school” part from the mix, let’s take a deeper look as to why going back to school before diving into the […]

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How Military Spouses Effectively use

There are loads of tools that are presented as extremely helpful for military spouses. However, if we don’t know how to most effectively use a tool, then it is hard to see the positive impact it could have on our life. One topic where a great deal of assistance is needed is military spouses’ education. […]

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8 Questions Student Veterans Must Ask Admissions

Everyone has questions when applying to colleges. Whether you are a veteran, military personnel, GI Bill user, or dependent there are unique questions specific to you & your needs. ‘What program will best fit my needs?’ ‘How flexible are professors with my life outside of school?’ ‘Do my previous experiences and trainings count toward college […]

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How “Top” National Universities Serve Veterans

  Every year, US News and World Report comes out with a list of the top schools in the USA. They just rolled out their latest lists for top colleges and universities in the United States for 2018, and we want to know, are any of them military friendly universities too?! Like we have done […]

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4 Most Veteran Friendly, Four-Year Public Universities

You know that you’re going back to school, want to enroll in a 4-year degree program at a public school, & need military/veteran programming at said institution. But, that’s as far as your college search has gone. You’re left wondering, how are you going to select THE right school for you as a military-affiliated student?! […]

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