You’re interested in joining the military, but you don’t have anyone (other than a recruiter) who can guide you through deciding what branch to join or how to map out your career progression. You really want the perspective of someone who has gone through the enlistment process who can give you firsthand military job advice. No problem, we’ve got you!

RateTheMilitary allows you to explore military branches, jobs, and career paths based on different factors you are looking for. Maybe you know that you want to join the Army, but you don’t know in what capacity or career direction to go in. This site lists out every position in each military branch, gives detailed job descriptions, required qualifications, & even includes reviews from people who have held the positions.

military job reviews

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Honest Reviews of Military Jobs

That’s right! People who have held those very positions write reviews to fill in the gaps. This way you’ll know what it’s really like to live and work that job. This is truly the best way to get firsthand advice and insight from those who had the position before you. And there’s no pressure from a recruiter when you are just trying to gather information.


However, if you find what you like on the site, you can directly contact a recruiter through too.


It’s In The Details…

Not only will you learn about the job specifics, but you will get a better understanding of who else you could be working with. RateTheMilitary includes the average age of people who hold that position, the average employment length, & the current number of individuals employed.

military job reviews

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Write a Review

If you have military experience, add to the wealth of knowledge and write your honest reviews to help others navigate their career with military job advice.


Have you already joined the military? How did you decide which branch to join and what career path to start down?


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