How Military Spouses Effectively Use CollegeRecon

There are loads of tools that are presented as extremely helpful for military spouses. However, if we don’t know how to most effectively use a tool, then it is hard to see the positive impact it could have on our life.

One topic where a great deal of assistance is needed is military spouses’ education. Utilizing a spouses’ GI Bill or the multitude of funded scholarship programs isn’t easy to navigate. That’s why we put together this guide with how military spouses can most effectively use, the premier online military-affiliated student community.

The best way to think about utilizing this platform is through three steps: Build, Search, Connect. You will first BUILD your profile, then SEARCH for the best colleges that fit your criteria, & finally CONNECT with college admissions counselors & begin a conversation about higher education at their institution.

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– 100% –
When a user builds their profile it is important to get their profile completion percentage as close to 100% as possible.
– Showcase Yourself –
Profiles are the User’s opportunity to showcase their background and experiences to colleges and universities. The more information the User includes the more likely a college will find something they like about the prospective applicant. A sure fire way to differentiate yourself from other Users on CollegeRecon is to write out a detailed personal statement.
– Personal Statement –
The personal statement is an opportunity for Users to include anything about themselves that they want colleges to know. Whether they go into detail about their previous experiences and some of the skills they’ve learned, outline what it is they want to get out of their college experience, or even just a story that highlights their career aspiration. All of that will be beneficial and will make your profile stand out from others on CollegeRecon
(Courtesy: DVIDS)


– Filters –
Using the search platform effectively comes down to the search filters. It’s hard to lay out a path on how to effectively use the search platform because really it’s a personal thing. Users will have to decide what is most important to him/her in in regards to what he/she is looking to get out of school.
– Name What is Driving Your Decision to Education –
-Users need to ask themselves, what is driving my decision on where I want to attend school. Is it a location thing? A money thing? An academic reputation thing? Will it come down to which schools offer the most support for student Veterans or military-affiliated students? No matter what it is, users need to put an emphasis on those filters over the others on CollegeRecon’s search page.


– Reach Out & Ask Important Questions –
The connection phase is the most important/critical phase of CollegeRecon. The connection phase not only allows users to have all of their questions answered about a certain school, but it is also a vehicle to build a network of contacts at schools without ever having to step foot on campus. Through the initial point of contact at the selected school, Users can get connected with Veteran Affairs Coordinators, certifying officials, admissions counselors, and enrollment specialists. The larger the User can build his/her network, the greater the chance they will eventually get accepted. The more people on campus who know you/you have a relationship with, the better. (These are the most important questions military-affiliated students need to ask college admissions personnel.)
– Differentiate Yourself –
Being able to connect with decision makers at schools is another great opportunity to differentiate yourself from others on CollegeRecon. Make an impression on the point of contact at your selected school, and the way to do that is by asking intelligent questions. Asking the right questions has dual benefits. 1-You come off in a way that shows you care, you’re not just picking any school because you live 5 miles away. You’re taking the time to do the research and ask the right questions. That will reflect you in a positive light. 2- You’re gathering valuable information from several campuses to help you make the right decision. CollegeRecon promotes informed decisions, and the connection phase is where all of that happens. 
So now it’s your turn… Build, Search, and Connect on CollegeRecon today!
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