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School Spotlight: University of Nevada Las Vegas

veteran friendly nevada

With a current enrollment of around 1,800 GI Bill students, The University of Nevada Las Vegas is no stranger to the needs of the military community. For that reason, we wanted to highlight all this university has to offer student veterans looking for a veteran friendly Nevada university. Hopefully by highlighting these standout programs, more college-bound veterans will find the ideal supportive school for them.

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Accreditations: Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

Undergraduate Enrollment: 23,803

GI Bill Students: 1,800

Duration: 4 year

College Type: Public

veteran friendly nevada

The University of Nevada Las Vegas has the following veteran programs in place:

BAH of $1,380

Full-Time Veteran Counselor On Campus

Signed VA Principles Of Excellence

Club/Association For Veterans

Veteran Upward Bound Program

8 Keys to Veterans’ Success

Offers ROTC Program

Offers College Credit for Military Experiences

Awards Credit For CLEP Exam

Awards Credit For DSST Exam

Comply with The Veteran’s Choice Act

Approved for TA Funding

Yellow Ribbon Program

*Learn the specifics on what these programs entail, here.

VetSuccess On Campus Counselor

Having a counselor on campus who’s fulltime job is to ensure veterans are getting the assistance they need is a big undertaking. Because it is such a big commitment, that means that campuses have this invaluable resource really see the value in supporting military students through all facets of their transition.

UNLV has an experienced VA benefits counselor on campus to assist their growing population of veterans with resources to make sure their health, educational, and benefit needs are met, and to help them reach their education and career goals. VetSuccess helps veterans with:

  • Information about Veterans’ healthcare, education, and other benefits
  • Vocational testing, career, academic, and readjustment counseling services
  • Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) counseling and referral services
  • Overcoming any obstacles that could potentially interfere with successfully completing training and/or entering a suitable career
  • Registering for health services through VA Medical Centers, community-based outpatient clinics, or Vet Centers, as needed
  • Registering for eBenefits and My HealtheVet
veteran friendly nevada

Yellow Ribbon Program

Getting a degree in the United States is expensive. Unfortunately, the GI Bill might not cover every fee or textbook students need to complete their degree program. That’s where the Yellow Ribbon Program comes into play. UNLV currently has $84,000 in the Yellow Ribbon program. This money serves as a key safety net to assist those veterans and military family members who do not qualify for the new Nevada residency law.

Green Zone Initiative

The state of Nevada (not just UNLV) has started this pretty incredible initiative.

The Green Zone Initiative is a plan of integration to veterans coming back home and an invitation to veterans throughout the United States to come to Nevada, to be educated there, to open businesses, find employment and know of the excellent health and wellness facilities available throughout the state. It is “a safe zone” for veterans, the “Green Zone.”

We believe that going to school in a state that collectively welcomes veterans and military means that the assistance and transition support isn’t far away.

Step-by-Step Video Assistance

This is the first school we’ve come across that has a library of original videos created by their vet center, specifically for their veterans. These videos help explain exactly what your specific GI Bill entails and what all the office needs in order to process yours. They are EXTREMELY helpful, especially because in-state tuition laws vary by state. If you have any questions, just go to this library of videos and prepare to learn a LOT!

Rebel Women Vets

This is also the first women vets group that we’ve come across at a college or university. The mission of Rebel Women Vets is to connect women veterans with resources, support, outreach and advocacy needed for women veterans to succeed in higher education and beyond.

veteran friendly nevada

Connect With UNLV

Does this sound like a place you could thrive? Do you have questions for admissions personnel at UNLV? Connect with their school today in a few easy clicks, here. (Don’t worry, the university won’t receive any of your contact info either!)


Images Courtesy of The University of Nevada, Las Vegas.