No one can guarantee that you will be successful on your path to higher education. However, it is proven that if there are a handful of factors present, the likelihood of success goes up incrementally.

One of those factors is a Student Veterans of America chapter, and we couldn’t have been more impressed when we learned about them!

Student Veterans of America (SVA) is a 501(c) (3) coalition of student veterans groups on college campuses across the globe.

These member chapters are the “boots on the ground” that help veterans integrate into campus life and succeed academically.

Each chapter is an officially recognized student group by their university or college, and provides a peer-to-peer network for veterans who are attending the school. Additionally, chapters coordinate campus activities, offer pre-professional networking, and generally provide a touchstone for student veterans in higher education.

So that all sounds well and good, but what tangible aspects can you expect from the SVA chapter at your current or future campus?

SVA cultivates a group of likeminded individuals

Think of it as another club you are joining. The skiing club brings together individuals who all like skiing and the scrapbooking club is a group who enjoys scrapbooking in their free time.

SVA is a group of people who all chose to put their country before their education and now find themselves on a college campus, and have military experience in common.

You can expect to have a support system of other student veterans who are going through the same transition with you.

SVA partners with Google to host resume workshops

Check out SVA’s resume workshops. Whether you have a resume or need to start from scratch, every veteran that attends a workshop is paired with a Google employee for a one-on-one resume critique and coaching session, attends a panel discussion with Google veterans and hiring professionals, enjoys a free lunch, and goes on a tour of the Google office!

SVA assists chapters by awarding grants

Their goal is to help build stronger and more sustainable chapters. The process for applying for a grant is also really great practice for future entrepreneurs, as you have to fill out an application, create a business plan, a budget, and a 60-second video elevator pitch.

SVA chapters spread the word about scholarships

SVA has a direct line on scholarships for veteran students to help offset the cost of higher education. Just as in any club, individuals bring current events or opportunities going on outside of the club to club meetings and share them with others who may be interested.

SVA hosts leadership cultivation workshops & programs across the country

These workshops bring together SVA chapters and leaders to cultivate individual leaders as well as cultivate best practices among the program to better assist student veterans across the country.

The workshops are FREE and chapters are encouraged to apply for grants so that travel expenses are covered as well.

Chapters will not only leave the Summits with a solid business plan, but they’ll leave with the know-how to run a successful chapter.

Additionally, each Summit is hosted with an SVA corporate partner, which gives veterans the opportunity to network and learn from business leaders.


Nowadays it is unheard of to be able to join a club on campus without some sort of fees or dues. But SVA is totally free.

SVA is not looking to make money off if its members. Instead, they are trying to put more money into your pockets by sponsoring scholarships and grants.

SVA just wants to help veterans succeed in their higher education endeavors, not make money off of veterans.