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Upper Iowa University Veterans Programs

Located in the northeast corner of Iowa, the town of Fayette is home to 1,427 people, the Volga River, and Upper Iowa University (UIU).

At first glance, UIU is a 4 year, co-ed, private degree program in a rural setting with an enrollment of 5,859 students. But if you dig a bit further, you find that this university has set itself apart from the rest in terms of how it is helping active duty and veteran students get their degrees in a timely, convenient way.

Veteran and Military Assistance at UIU

At Upper Iowa University, there is a wide variety of active duty and veteran support programs available, such as a BAH of $1,015, a full-time veteran counselor on campus, and a signed VA Principles of Excellence.

Academically speaking, UIU follows ACE Standards for credit and awards credit for the CLEP Exam, DSST Exam, and ACE Credit for military experience. Financially, UIU extends in-state tuition for active duty personnel, is approved for TA funding, has the Yellow Ribbon Program, reduced tuition for military, and offers military specific scholarships.

(If any of this jargon is unfamiliar to you, I’ve explained it all here.)

Upper Iowa University is big on not wanting their students to be limited by time constraints or changing lifestyles. For this, UIU will let you start your degree at one of their campuses and finish it at another, or even online, if that is what you need. As if that wasn’t brilliant enough, there are self-paced options as well as official UIU Learning Centers at various military bases.

US News & World Report Ranked Program

When there are so many options of how you can study at UIU. Sometimes I think the more options there are on the menu there will be less TLC going into each individual item. US News & World Report didn’t think so about Upper Iowa University’s Online Programs because the news source ranked it on their top list!

Upper Iowa University Deployment Policy

If you’re worried about starting a degree program because of the possibility of being deployed and interrupting your studies, UIU thought of that, too. Of course, there will be some drawbacks and inconveniences, but Upper Iowa has a deployment policy that will save you heartache and money (in terms of your studies) if a deployment ends up coming your way.

Upper Iowa University: In-depth Look At Their Veterans Programs

But what if you want to start your degree program, and so does your spouse. (It’s not fair if only one person gets to have all of the studying fun!) Upper Iowa is also looking out for the spouses of veterans and active duty military by participating in the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account program. That way, both of you can get the education you want and the support you need, all the way through your education.

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