How Veterans Successfully Start The College Search

The college search. A process that many don’t look forward to or thrive in. There are so many schools out there, how on earth could you find THE one?

Most online college search let you search for schools based on the normal things one looks for: tuition range, private vs. public, location, degree programs, etc. However, choosing a school as a military affiliated personnel comes with a list of other criteria that an institution should offer. (Ex: Does it have an on campus veterans group? Is there a specific veterans counselor? Are there options for using military experience as college credit?) 

Until now, there hasn’t been a search tool that also lets you search for those programs that are specific to military affiliated students. Thankfully, now you are just 3 steps away from finding a college that fits your military specific needs & interests.

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Introducing… was created specifically for military & veterans embarking on the college search process. With just a few clicks, you can get a list of not-for-profit schools that fit the different veteran program criteria you select. Then, begin the conversation with admissions counselors to find out if their school fits your lifestyle and needs. (It’s that easy? Yes! Let me further explain each step…)


The three step process of how veterans successfully start the college search with CollegeRecon…

1. Search For Your Ideal Schools

The CollegeRecon database includes over 3,000 not-for-profit colleges and universities. It’s database is wired to be able to search through those 3,000 schools depending upon the specific veteran programs you want your college or university to have. 

While searching, you need to consider what you need/want at your ideal college or university. Exploring all of the veteran & military assistance programs that schools are offer is important so that you can then search for schools that have those desirable programs. This article will teach you all about each program, and maybe even teach you about some you didn’t know existed.

On top of the ability to search for military assistance programs, the tool also allows you to search for the usual college search criteria: tuition, location, 2-year or 4-year, private vs. public, specific degree programs, etc.

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2. Make Yourself Stand Out

To fully take advantage of all that this tool has to offer, you want to quickly make a profile. Input your background and experiences so that admissions personnel have the best idea of who you are. Keeping your profile up-to-date can cut down on the time you put into searching for schools because schools can then reach out to you on the platform. (Which I will expand on in #3…)


3. Engage With Schools

You can actually engage with and reach out to schools through this platform. If you see an interesting school, but have questions, simply message the school on the platform and their admissions personnel will get back to you shortly. 

Going back to #2 above, craft your profile to give the best picture of who you are and how you stand out from other college-bound veterans and military personnel. Why? Because admissions personnel can also reach out to you via this platform, but they will never have your e-mail address or contact information. Giving them the best picture of you will help them know if their institution is a good fit for you. This is a great way to begin discussions without handing out your contact info!

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Begin Today… is a one-stop-shop: Search for schools, learn about the assistance programming you need, & engage with admissions personnel. Explore the platform today and see if it is a good fit for you and your college search!


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