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Syracuse University Is Making Things Easier For Military Students

Syracuse University Military Students

Syracuse University has been helping veterans and military members with their education for over 100 years now. Back in 1918, nearly 800 veterans enrolled to the university upon discharge from World War II. They employ veteran admissions advisors who can help military members transition from the service to being a student assisting them with the GI Bill process, and other veterans affairs.

Syracuse also have special programs dedicated to veteran student success. They have established the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, which is an on-campus non-profit that works to advance veterans’ post-military lives nationwide.

Syracuse University is a Yellow Ribbon School and ranks among the nation’s top schools for veterans. They were named the #1 Private School for Veterans by the Military Times. They are also working on the National Veterans Resource Center (NVRC) which opens up next spring. This center will serve as the center of veteran life on campus as well as in the local community, and across central New York.

In addition to all of this, they have recently made a change that will help even more military members and veterans get their education. University College is the home of part-time students at Syracuse University and allows many different types of people to complete their education in a part-time manner. They have courses in 8-week sessions, so one could complete three classes a semester. The part-time undergraduate programs include an online associate degree in liberal arts, and a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies, creative leadership, knowledge management as well as cyber security administration.

Syracuse will be now aligning their part-time tuition rates that it charges its active duty members that are enrolled in online classes, to match the DoD’s Tuition Assistance reimbursement amount. This means that no matter where these military members might be stationed, they can get a degree from a top-tier, 4-year university, without even having to touch their GI Bill benefits.


This move is a part of Syracuse University and their Chancellor Kent Syveruds dedication to the US military, its veterans, and their families. After becoming the chancellor in 2014, Syveruds and his administration have tried to further serve veteran students and their families. The amount of military-connected students has gone up in the last five years, and they are very aware of this.

In addition to aligning their part-time tuition rates, they are also offering part-time online undergraduate study to members of the New York State National Guard as well as reservists in New York State, at a cost equivalent to the Recruitment Incentive and Retention Program (RIRP) tuition reimbursement rate. This means that ideally, active military and members of the New York State National Guard and the Reserve will not have any out-of-pocket tuition expenses while enrolled in part-time undergraduate study at University College. This, of course, going along with the idea that Syracuse University goes out of its way to help veteran and military member students to help them get a good education. This should give you a picture of why Syracuse University is ranked as one of the top universities for veterans.




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