Recruitment Opportunities for Higher Education Partners: Connect with Prospective Students through CollegeRecon

Why Us?

CollegeRecon is the #1 solution for colleges and universities seeking engagement opportunities with prospective students including active-duty military, veterans, their spouses, and dependents. Our members have military education benefits including Tuition Assistance, MyCAA, Post 9/11 GI Bill® and the Montgomery GI Bill. We drive your marketing efforts while supporting your enrollment and retention efforts through consultative training of your admissions, marketing and veterans services teams.

Since 2013, CollegeRecon has been offering transparent, targeted and trusted military branding and recruitment opportunities for V.A. approved colleges and universities. We work with more than 120+ colleges and universities across the United States and are recognized as the largest college discovery platform built exclusively for the military and veteran community – and their families.

Based on proprietary data, collected over nearly a decade of working with this community, we provide unparalleled guidance on how your university can recruit and retain military-connected students.

Our platform provides servicemembers, veterans and military families with the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions on where to utilize G.I. Bill® and Tuition Assistance benefits.

Consequently, we speak to more than one million military-connected men and women each year and create avenues for universities to build brand recognition and engage directly with prospective students who are seeking more information about their institutional offerings.

CollegeRecon, a trusted platform for student recruitment opportunities, has been featured in reputable sources like USA Today and the U.S. Army National Guard ESO Handbook.

Partnering with CollegeRecon will enhance your brand awareness and enable you to engage with more prospective students in a compliant and vet-friendly manner, expanding your reach and recruitment efforts.