How It Works

CollegeRecon is not your traditional marketing vendor. We’re a comprehensive, full-service marketing and consultative solution focused on building your institution’s marketing capabilities while ensuring you have the infrastructure and policies in place to enroll and retain military-connected students.

Areas we impact:

  • Enrollment marketing
  • Admissions practices and communication strategy
  • Brand awareness
  • Veteran & military student support

At CollegeRecon, we stay informed on market trends and compliance guidelines from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Defense and the Education. Our consulting and advisory service helps our university partners make decisions to align themselves with the interests and needs of the military community.

Our data and market insights come directly from the CollegeRecon platform – this market intelligence can only be found here!

Our proprietary marketing campaigns, utilizing CollegeRecon’s custom tools, leverage repeat exposure and preferred placements to get you in front of military-connected prospective students during their time of discovery.

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