Case Studies in Military Outreach: Achieving Results through School Partnerships

If you are interested in partnering with CollegeRecon to enhance your military outreach efforts, please consider reviewing these case studies. Each case study showcases the problems our partner schools were experiencing and how we partnered with them to achieve remarkable results.

We work with various schools: large and small, private and public, online and on-campus, and have had successes with each type of institution. We want to ensure our partners work with us for years and rely on us for their military marketing. As a result, we only work with schools we believe we can truly assist.

Please fill out the form if interested in learning more about these Case Studies and you will be contacted by a CollegeRecon!


Case Study – Concordia University

Building Concordia University’s Military Branding and Outreach efforts for Concordia University, a mid-sized private institution with residential campuses in Michigan and Wisconsin.

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Case Study – University of Cincinnati

Special Military Marketing Strategy and program for the University of Cincinnati, a large public school in Indiana.

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Case Study – St. Peter’s University

CollegeRecon Delivers Success in Branding & Enrollment Efforts for St. Peter’s University, a small private school just outside New York City.

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