Case Study: University of Cincinnati Online

How CollegeRecon Supported the University of Cincinnati Online’s Military Marketing Efforts from Initial Launch to Growth Phase

About the University of Cincinnati Online

The University of Cincinnati ranks among the nation’s best urban public research universities. Home to more than 47,000 students, 10,500 faculty and staff and 330,000 alumni, UC combines a Top 35 research university with a robust online offering. These online degrees provide flexible completion options for adult learners and military-connected students.

Executive Summary

In 2019, a UC marketer, Brian Eck, was assigned a special program to build out a military marketing strategy for UC’s online programs across the country. Brian decided to look for a military specific marketing partner, an organization that could structure a marketing plan the same way UC structures their other target plans. He discovered CollegeRecon and it was able to provide a plan and so much more for UC over the last 3+ years.

During that time, UC has doubled their annual investment in CollegeRecon and increased their military enrollment by 10x!

According to Brian,

“I would say College Recon’s ability to put our message and brand in front of the right people at the right time has made a huge difference for us. The depth of individual veteran information we receive allows UC to nurture the prospect in a more personalized way. It helps them feel more comfortable with us and provides us more insight into this audience. It allows us to build messaging that lets them see they will be part of something here [at UC].”