Finding A School

UA Aquires Ashford University

University of Arizona Acquires For-Profit Ashford University

The University of Arizona has acquired for-profit Ashford University, with the aims to develop it into a non-profit that will now be the University of Arizona Global Campus. The Tucson-based university announced the deal as a purchase of $1. This move comes as UA has been expanding their online presence, and it is not one that everyone is happy about. Find out why.

construction management degrees

Degrees in Construction Management

A Degree in Construction Management May Be Right for You Were you a 12B combat engineer or a Seabee? Then the skills you learned in the field give you a head start toward a degree in Construction Management (CM). CM professionals plan, budget, and supervise new building projects and can work on any number of… Read more »

using your gi bill

Finding The Right College When Using Your GI Bill

Finding The Right College When You Are Using Your GI Bill If you are a service member or veteran, you could be making plans to use your GI Bill. As you are trying to figure out what you want to do, you might be overwhelmed with your options. Which school would be best? Where can… Read more »

career & educational goals military

Determine Your Career Path and Education Goals

It isn’t enough to just want to go to school; the time money and effort required demands that you make some hard choices upfront. Unlike a teenager whose parents are footing the bill, you can’t afford to make your education decisions on the fly. Decision Point #1: Want Do I Want to be When You… Read more »

Yellow Ribbon Program

Yellow Ribbon Program Explained

There are many different ways to find money for your education when you serve in the military. The Yellow Ribbon Program is one of them. Not every service member will be able to use the Yellow Ribbon Program.  Here is what you need to know to see if you qualify and if the program will… Read more »

Yellow Ribbon Schools List

Yellow Ribbon Schools List 2021

Colleges and universities that participate in the Yellow Ribbon program will cover some or all of the costs above that which Post 9/11 GI Bill will pay.  Check this Yellow Ribbon Schools list to find out if the school you hope to attend offers financial assistance so you can get your degree while avoiding out-of-pocket costs.

military spouse career

How To: Build A Sustainable Military Spouse Career

Many think that the full-time job of a military spouse is automatically to support their active duty military partner. While being a supportive spouse is SO crucial in a successful military career, that doesn’t mean that it has to be their FULL-TIME, 9 to 5 commitment. Military spouses should still be able to have their… Read more »

student veteran masters degree

How One Marine Took Her Career To The Next Level

For those who have done an accredited certification program, but want more information, expertise, and to take your career to that next level… start looking for a master’s program. That’s exactly how it started for Marie Gonzalez, previous Marine, and current military spouse. The search as student veteran for a master’s program… A Career With… Read more »