BAH Calculator for US military personnel and their families and veterans planning to attend college or looking to move.

** UPDATED FOR 2019 **

BAH Calculator for 2019

Calculate your 2019 BAH rate entering your paygrade, location and dependent status.

Per Month
BAH Allowance

BAH Rates (Basic Allowance for Housing) are an allowance for U.S. based housing.

Post 9/11 GI Bill BAH Rate Calculator

You can determine the Post 911 GI Bill BAH rate by taking the E-5 paygrade with dependents BAH Rate for your military housing area.

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Online GI Bill BAH Rate

The online GI Bill BAH is $894.50 for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

The online GI Bill BAH Rate calculation is determined by taking half of the national BAH Rate average.  This applies when attending online courses exclusively.

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BAH Look-Up By State

BAH Rates Overview

BAH Calculation Factors

BAH or Basic Allowance for Housing Rates are determined by:

  • Location
  • Pay grade
  • Dependency status – with or without dependents

The compensation is affected by the cost of housing (ownership and rental) in local markets within the US.

Official BAH charts in PDF format: