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Washington DC BAH Rates 2024

Washington DC BAH Rates 2022

2024 BAH Rates for Washington, DC

This page lists BAH Rates, colleges and universities and their zip codes, cost of living information, school resources for children of military families, and things to see and do in the Washington, D.C. area.  For Post-9/11 GI Bill BAH Rates for Washington DC area colleges and universities, please see pay grade E-5 with dependents.

Not surprisingly, the U.S. capital city is home to multiple military installations. Each branch of the military has at least one installation in Washington, D.C. Some include:

  • Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling
  • S. Coast Guard Headquarters
  • The Pentagon

Washington, DC Metro Area BAH Rates 2024

E1 $2,811 $2,169
E2 $2,811 $2,169
E3 $2,811 $2,169
E4 $2,811 $2,169
E5 $2,880 $2,538
E6 $3,360 $2,739
E7 $3,525 $2,808
E8 $3,705 $2,982
E9 $3,882 $3,120
W1 $3,381 $2,799
W2 $3,600 $2,979
W3 $3,819 $3,138
W4 $3,909 $3,399
W5 $4,020 $3,564
O1e $3,558 $2,877
O2e $3,786 $3,090
O3e $3,924 $3,354
O1 $2,943 $2,736
O2 $3,354 $2,859
O3 $3,813 $3,186
O4 $4,056 $3,534
O5 $4,224 $3,636
O6 $4,260 $3,798
O7 $4,293 $3,864

2023 BAH Rate Calculator

Includes 2023 BAH Rates.  Updated soon!


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Colleges and Universities in Washington, D.C.

Anyone considering using the Post 9/11 GI Bill in Washington, D.C. should know:

Local Colleges and Universities

Washington, D.C. is home to multiple colleges and universities. This is a partial list.

To find more Washington, D.C. schools, use the free College Recon School Finder tool.

Cost of Living in Washington, D.C.

When budgeting, consider any applicable cost of living expenses – housing, groceries, transportation, healthcare, childcare, and taxes.

A useful tool for calculating the cost of living in Washington D.C., based on your current salary, is available at daveramsey.com.

Washington, DC Housing

Understanding the Washington, D.C., housing area is important when making decisions about where to live. According to rentcafe.com, the average rent in Washington, D.C. is $2,261. The most affordable neighborhoods include:

  • Benning, Benning Heights, and Benning Ridge – $1,274

The average sale price of a home in Washington, D.C., is $705,000, with a price per sq. foot of $552, according to realtor.com. The supply and demand of homes are about the same. According to Curbed Washington DC, employment opportunities and the cost of living in Washington, D.C. are high – and climbing each year.

To learn more about VA Loan Program benefits, use the free Eligibility Calculator from CollegeRecon.


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For families with school-age children, where you live often influences where your children attend school. For families with or without children, the quality of area schools can influence housing costs and the resale value of a home.

There are no DoDEA schools in Washington D.C. Students are eligible for enrollment in public schools outside of the school district where they reside. According to Greatschools.com, some of the highest-ranking schools in the area are:

  • School-Within-School @ Goding
  • Janney Elementary School
  • Mann Elementary School
  • Lafayette Elementary School
  • KIPP DC – Promise Academy PCS
  • Deal Middle School
  • DC Prep – Edgewood Middle Campus
  • School Without Walls High School
  • Benjamin Banneker High School

For more information on DC Public Schools, transportation, charter schools, kindergartens, preschools, relocating to Maryland or Virginia, and transfer requirements, visit Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Education.

Employment Opportunities

According to DC’s Economic Strategy, the Washington D.C. employment landscape is composed of multiple core sectors – industries with a significant presence in Washington D.C.’s economy. These include:

  • Federal Government
  • Professional Services
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Higher Education
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Media and Communications
  • Creative Economy

In October 2020, Washington, D.C., had an 8.3% unemployment rate, above the national unemployment rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For more help with employment opportunities for military, veterans, and spouses, please take a look at a career tool at CareerRecon.

Things to See and Do in Washington, DC

As expected, the U.S. capital has no shortage of things to see and do. Whether you live there or travel, don’t miss these sights and experiences!

Washington, DC Metro Area BAH Rates 2023

E01 $2,655 $2,124
E02 $2,655 $2,124
E03 $2,655 $2,124
E04 $2,655 $2,124
E05 $2,658 $2,469
E06 $3,075 $2,655
E07 $3,162 $2,676
E08 $3,255 $2,739
E09 $3,408 $2,862
W01 $3,096 $2,673
W02 $3,204 $2,736
W03 $3,315 $2,874
W04 $3,447 $3,096
W05 $3,600 $3,183
O01E $3,177 $2,682
O02E $3,297 $2,835
O03E $3,465 $3,069
O01 $2,706 $2,652
O02 $3,072 $2,679
O03 $3,312 $2,922
O04 $3,654 $3,159
O05 $3,897 $3,216
O06 $3,933 $3,300
O07 $3,963 $3,354


Washington, DC Metro Area BAH Rates 2022



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