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Finding The Right College When Using Your GI Bill

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Finding The Right College When You Are Using Your GI Bill

If you are a service member or veteran, you could be making plans to use your GI Bill. As you are trying to figure out what you want to do, you might be overwhelmed with your options. Which school would be best? Where can you use your GI Bill? Does it matter if a school is considered veteran or military-friendly or not?

You may have spent time using a search tool, and come away a little frustrated not knowing all the information you need to know about each school. Being able to use a search tool that is made specifically for veterans, military members, and their dependents would help answer a lot of these questions. That type of search tool can help you figure out which schools would be worth looking into a bit more, and which schools will take your GI Bill benefits.

Even though different students have different needs, all military students are going to want to know more about where to use their GI Bill benefits and if a school is military-friendly or not. Beyond the GI Bill, there are even more programs a military-related student would want to know about. Programs such as the Yellow Ribbon Program, Tuition Assistance, Credit for CLEP exams, Credit for DSST exams, Student Veterans of America chapter, VA Principles of Excellence, and 8 Keys to Veteran Success are important to have a more successful experience as a military student.

Using a GI Bill School Search Tool to get the type of information you might need when it comes to deciding where to school will help you figure out exactly what you want to do. You can search using different types of information to find the schools that line up to the criteria you are most interested in. You can search by state, the type of college, how many years are offered, if it is public or private, if the school is coed or not, the setting of the school, if they offer graduate classes or not, what your BAH might be, different military programs and support they offer, their tuition range, their student population, how many students use the GI Bill, if they are religious or not and their ethnic affiliations.

It is important to know too that the college search tool only includes non-profit, VA approved colleges that accept GI Bill funds. Then you know that you don’t have to worry about schools that you can’t afford, or that don’t have your interests as a military-related student in mind.

After you use the search, you can safely and securely contact admissions personnel right from the tool in order to get more information. While this tool helps those figure out schools that take the GI Bill benefits, if you are not eligible for those benefits, you still might be able to get something from the search.

If you have just started your search, using this tool can help you start your research. Use the data you get from the results to get started. Then, you know you should be able to find a good, VA friendly school, that will take your GI Bill benefits.