Julie Provost

Julie Provost is a freelance writer, blogger, and owner of Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life, a support blog for military spouses. She lives in Tennessee with her National Guard husband and three boys.

Scholarships for Economics Majors

Economics Scholarships Economics is the study of how societies and markets distribute resources which includes raw materials, land, human labor, and capital in order to create goods and services. Here is a list of scholarships for those majoring in economics.  Hsiao Memorial Social Sciences Scholarship One recipient, $1,000 The Details: This scholarship was established in… Read more »

Military Members and the Arts

AITAF: For Members of the Military That Love the Arts

All About Arts in the Armed Forces Service members and veterans have many different passions beyond serving in the military. For some, that passion is the arts, from performing to screenwriting to playwriting. In addition, service members and veterans enjoy watching a good show. This is where Arts in the Armed Forces comes into play…. Read more »

Degree in Management Information Systems

Getting a Degree in Management Information Systems 

Management Information Systems Degrees Management information systems is the study of people, processes, and technology from an organizational perspective. The degree focuses on the type of hardware and software that organizations use to track and compile data for analysis. Businesses want to hire people with this degree to help them track processes, employees, and customers…. Read more »

Degree in Economics

Getting Your Degree in Economics

Economics Degrees, Jobs and Scholarships Ever been curious about why some countries are poor yet others are so rich? Ever wondered about what causes a recession? If so, the field of economics could be the right direction as a field of study to go into.  Economics can help us answer those types of questions and… Read more »

master's degree management information systems

Getting Your Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems

Interested in computers and people? Technology and the relationship people have with it? If so, getting a master’s degree in management information systems (MIS) might be a smart subject to pursue. MIS is the study of people, technology, organizations, and the relationships among them.

management information systems scholarships

Scholarships for Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems is the study of the relationships between people, technology, and organizations. Here is a list of scholarships for those majoring in Management Information Systems.

master's degree in statistics

Getting Your Master’s Degree in Statistics

Master’s Degree in Statistics Love your math classes? Do you have a bachelor’s degree in statistics or a related major? If so, you might be interested in going further and getting your master’s degree in statistics.  Those going into statistics will learn about gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data. According to BLS, the field of mathematics… Read more »

biomedical engineering scholarships

Scholarships for Biomedical Engineering Majors

Studying biomedical engineering? Looking for some extra money to pay for school? Here is a list of scholarships for those going into the field of biomedical engineering.