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Stetson University Scholarships

Stetson University Transfer Scholarship

Stetson University, a Florida university founded in 1883, is offering a full-tuition scholarship for transfer students valued at over $200,000!

Stetson’s Transfer Beyond Scholarship

Stetson created the Transfer Beyond Scholarship to recognize their high-achieving transfer students. The scholarship is a nationally-recognized and highly competitive award that covers full tuition and fees. The duration of the scholarship is 3 years, or until undergraduate graduation, whichever comes first.

Scholarship Application Information

For consideration, potential transfer students must submit the following by April 1, 2022:

  • A completed transfer application with all transcripts from previous institutions
  • A 500 word Transfer Beyond Scholarship Essay

For the essay, you must answer this question: “How am I going beyond expectation?” Here you will define what “going beyond” means to you and should include your examples from any of the following experiences:

  • Participation in community service or civic engagement
  • Outstanding leadership
  • Promoting equity and understanding
  • Work experience
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Recognition in the Arts, Humanities, or Sciences

Interested transfer students should submit the application and essay to Stetson admissions.

Stetson University Scholarships

In addition to the Transfer Beyond Scholarship, Stetson University offers many funding opportunities for deserving students.

J. Ollie Edmunds Distinguished Scholarship

This is a highly competitive academic scholarship that is awarded to students demonstrating top academic and personal leadership potential. It pays all expenses and includes a summer internship stipend between the sophomore and junior year.

For more information, read the J.Ollie Edmunds Distinguished Scholarship info page. 

Legacy Scholarship

For undergraduate students who have a family member that is currently enrolled in or has graduated from any Stetson branch, they are awarded Legacy status and are eligible for this scholarship.

The Legacy Scholarship awards $1,000 per academic year, and it is offered for 4 years or until graduation. Eligible students must apply and be accepted before February each year, and they are only eligible to apply before their first semester at Stetson University.

Student Life Scholarships

The Student Life Scholarships that are offered to first-year and transfer students from different Student Life departments around the campus. Students must apply for each of the different scholarships for which they are eligible.

Global Citizen Scholarship

The Global Citizen Scholarship is awarded to academically superior international undergraduate students. It pays full tuition for four years for top-performing students who display characteristics of a global citizen.

Donor-Funded Scholarships

Eligible students can receive scholarships that are made possible by alumni and friends of Stetson University. An endowed scholarship establishes a connection between the scholar and the donor, so it is likely that students will correspond with Stetson alumni. Submit your general application by May 15th for consideration.


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Merit-Based Scholarships

Stetson University hosts a number of merit-based scholarships for exemplary first-year and transfer students. They cover up to eight semesters and can award up to $31,000 annually. The top 3 scholarships in this category are:

  1. The Presidential Scholarship (up to $31,000)
  2. The Dean’s Scholarship (up to $28,000)
  3. Opportunity Scholarship (up to $22,000)

The admissions committee determines eligibility, and they are awarded to students with records of strong academic achievement.

Bright Futures Scholarship

State scholarship funding is available to qualified Florida high school graduates. There are two levels of the Bright Futures Scholarship:

  • Florida Academic Scholar
  • Florida Medallion Scholar

For more information, read about the Bright Futures scholarship opportunities.

Talent Scholarships

For students with exceptional talent in various categories, Stetson University has the following scholarship opportunities available:

  • Music – for music majors and minors. See the music admissions page for more information.
  • Athletics – the athletic scholarships are highly competitive and are available for a variety of sports. Contact Stetson’s Department of Athletics for more information.
  • ROTC – Stetson offers ROTC Scholarships to students participating in their ROTC program.
  • Sullivan Writing Scholarship – helps students with strong creative writing skills attend Stetson. The award ranges from $3,000 to $6,000 annually.
  • Lawson Scholarship – For students in Philosophy or related majors, this scholarship pays up to $6,250 annually.
  • Stetson Environmental Sustainability Fellowship Scholarship – this award is “designed to enhance the way Stetson lives our values and to assist in recruiting and retaining the best-fit students for Stetson.”
  • Dr. Richard Libby Endowed Shooting Scholarship – is awarded to high school and college students who have a demonstrated aptitude and performance in shooting sports. It awards $1,000 per year. Find more information on the Stetson University Scholarships page.
  • LaValle Scholarship – is awarded to arts students majoring in a Creative Arts discipline, like Studio Art, Art History, Digital Arts, or Theater Arts. Portfolio submissions are required.

Service Scholarships

The Bonner Scholarship

This award is funded through a partnership between Stetson University and the Bonner Foundation. Candidates for this scholarship will have a demonstrable history of involvement and leadership in areas like social justice, poverty, education, homelessness, and civil rights.

Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholars Program

This scholarship program is a need-based program allowing young women the opportunity to complete their education. Through a work/service requirement, the Whitehead Scholars Program’s goal is to make college education accessible to students from various social and economic backgrounds. Read more about the Whitehead Scholarship.

Study Abroad & Other Scholarships

Stetson University hosts many study-abroad scholarships. For most of them, there is one Application for Stetson Study Abroad Scholarships.

The Gilman Study Abroad Scholarship program offers eligible students a grant for international study. This is not a Stetson-specific program, so the application is separate from Stetson’s other study abroad programs.

The Horatio Alger Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to individuals who have succeeded despite adversity. Recipients are awarded based on their commitment to supporting young people pursuing opportunities through higher education.

Opportunities at Stetson University

It does not matter what your passions, talents, and interests are. There is a program that can help you fund your education and get you closer to your dream career.
Please do not hesitate to apply for any of these grants and scholarships. Application windows will open and close regularly throughout the year, so make sure you track the dates for the funding opportunity that interests you.


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