In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, there are veterans benefits programs provided by the states.  The following are the veterans’ education benefits programs for US territories in 2018.

Territories of the United States

Guam Veteran Education Benefits

For information regarding US Virgin Islands veterans’ benefits, please visit – Guam Veterans Affairs Office


Puerto Rico Veteran Education Benefits

The Puerto Rico National Guard Tuition Assistance Fund (FIGNA)

Provides funding for 18 credit hours of graduate classes per a year or $1,350; undergraduate or vocational funding is accorded for 18 credits or $900.

Medical students are awarded $1,000 for two years.

Additionally, Puerto Rico provides benefits for veterans education if the veteran did not have the GI Bill or if benefits have run out. These veterans are entitled to free tuition at the University of Puerto Rico and its regional colleges.

If veterans are studying at schools outside Puerto Rico and the United States, they are granted the same benefits.

Government employees, who are veterans, may apply for educational leave without pay.

Veterans are given admission preference to the Puerto Rico Merchant Marine School.

Children of Veteran Scholarship(s) Regiment 65th Inf.

Children of honorably discharged veterans under the age of 26 or no limit of age for children with documented physical or mental limitations may apply.

A minimum of a 2.5 gpa is required.

12 credits minimum for bachelors or 6-9 credits for masters or doctorate.

A copy of High school diploma is required. Proof of college admission, official high school or college transcripts, notarized paystub/income, and not have outstanding debt with U.S or the government of Puerto Rico (proof payment plan can be accepted).

Only one child per family may participate and not receive additional U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs benefits.

For more information regarding Puerto Rico’s veterans’ benefits, please visit – Office of Veteran Advocate



Northern Mariana Islands Veteran Education Benefits

For information regarding Northern Mariana Islands veterans’ benefits, please visit – USA.Gov State Site for Northern Marianas Islands




U.S. Virgin Islands Veteran Education Benefits

National Guard

Community Engagement and Lifelong Learning (CELL) program offers free tuition at the University of Virgin Island for Veterans who entered the Armed Forces while residing in the Virgin Islands. This program provides up to 32 credits lifetime; cannot be combined with FTA.

For more information regarding US Virgin Islands veterans benefits, please visit – Virgin Islands Department of Veteran Affairs website