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Arizona Veterans Benefits & Disabled Veterans Benefits

arizona veterans benefits

Arizona Veterans’ Benefits

The following are the Arizona veterans’ benefits programs for education, housing, healthcare, and employment. You can also learn about veterans’ benefits in other states.

Education Benefits for Arizona Veterans

In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, there are veterans’ education benefits programs provided by the state of Arizona.

Arizona Tuition Waiver

The State of Arizona offers education benefits to qualifying wounded Arizona veterans and the dependents of qualifying service members who died in the line of duty. This help comes in the form of tuition-free education through the State of Arizona Tuition Waiver scholarships program.

The waiver is only for “tuition expenses for on-campus and/or online undergraduate programs” and does not include books, parking, course fees, or housing. This program is offered in a variety of tiers, with each tier having a specific set of qualifications.

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Tier 1: Veterans

  • You must have received a Purple Heart Citation; AND
  • You were a resident of the State of Arizona or were stationed in Arizona at the time of the injury that resulted in the Purple Heart Citation; AND
  • You have a VA disability rating of 50% or higher.

Tier 2: Surviving Spouses and Dependents

The State of Arizona defines a surviving dependent as someone “who is an un-remarried spouse and/or child up to age 30”. You qualify if:

  • Your sponsor was Arizona National Guard or on active duty AND
  • Your sponsor was a resident of the state of Arizona or stationed in Arizona AND
  • Your sponsor was killed in the line of duty OR
  • Your sponsor died from injuries suffered in the line of duty while traveling to or from duty.

Tier 3: Arizona ANG Members

You must be a current member of the Arizona National Guard, and you received a Purple Heart on or after September 11, 2001.

Eligibility Tier 4 Applicant

You must be a former member of the Arizona National Guard who:

  • Was medically discharged from the Arizona National Guard due to an injury or disability suffered on duty in qualifying circumstances such as in weekend training status, drill, etc.

Arizona National Guard State Tuition Reimbursement Program (STR)

STR is offered to eligible members of the Arizona National Guard. It’s a tuition reimbursement program that funds up to $250 per semester with a fiscal year cap of $4,000.

Arizona National Guard members may qualify for STR if they have:

  • Completed at least one semester.
  • Are a drilling member of the Arizona National Guard “through the entire time reimbursement is requested.”
  • Finished Initial Active Duty for Training /Technical Training or Student Flight Training.
  • Must have a minimum 90% attendance record for training.

For information on applying for STR, contact the  Arizona National Guard Education Services Office.

Health Care Benefits for Arizona Veterans

Arizona State Veteran Homes

Arizona State Veteran Homes are operated by the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services. There are locations in Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma.

Admission criteria and services provided by each home may vary. Still, in general, you may be required to have a medical need for assisted care, and all potential residents must show proof they are free from tuberculosis. An honorable discharge is required.

Rehabilitation and occupational therapy services may be available as part of the long-term care options offered in these homes.

Contact the Arizona Department of Veterans Services for more information on eligibility and registration procedures.

Tax Benefits for Arizona Veterans

Arizona Income Tax for Military Pay

The State of Arizona does not tax military pay for members of the Guard, Reserve, or on active duty.

Arizona Income Tax on Military Retirement Pay

The State of Arizona does not charge income tax on military retirement pay.

Nonresident Military Spouses and Arizona Income Tax

Non-resident military spouses may be exempt from paying Arizona state income taxes if the following conditions apply:

  • The service member serves in Arizona on military orders.
  • The spouse is in Arizona “only to be with the active duty Service member”
  • The spouse has the same state of residence as the Service member

Property Taxes

Property belonging to surviving spouses of qualifying veterans may be exempt from taxation. This tax exemption is permitted up to $3,000 “if the person’s total assessment doesn’t exceed ten thousand dollars,” according to Arizona state government documents.

There is no exemption if the person’s total assessment exceeds ten thousand dollars. Vehicles are not included in the assessment.

Such exemptions are not automatic and must be applied for; you may need to consult a tax professional to learn what tax rules apply in the current tax filing year; tax laws are always subject to change. Contact your nearest tax assessor’s office to learn more.

Employment Benefits for Arizona Veterans

Civil Service Preference Points

Qualifying veterans with Honorable discharges may be eligible for between 5 and 10 Civil Service preference points for job exams for State, city, or county positions. Qualifying spouses and surviving spouses may also be eligible for preference points.

You will need to claim these preference points–they are not automatic, and proof of service or other identification may be required. In the State of Arizona, preference points are typically added if the applicant passes the exam.

Professional and Occupational Licenses

Arizona state law may allow the transfer of certain professional licenses for military spouses who have relocated to Arizona because of the spouse’s military duty.

The spouse must have held the license in another state for a year or more and not have disciplinary actions taken against them in a professional context; the applicant must pay any applicable fee and does not have a “disqualifying criminal history.”

Contact the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration for more information on the most current state law in this area.

Veterans Tool Kit Program

The Veterans Tool Kit program was developed after a survey of veterans revealed many vets are ready to re-enter the civilian workforce but lack certain tools and supplies to do so. The program offers cash to help unemployed veterans get those supplies and reenter the job market.

To qualify, veterans must live in Arizona, be enrolled in an Arizona Department of Economic Security Employment Program, and identify the job they need supplies for. This program has limited funding–there is a cap of just under $800 per applicant, and the program pauses when that year’s funding is exhausted.

 The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund

The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund was established by law in 2007 and provides financial assistance to the families of currently deployed service members as well as “Post-9/11 Military and Veteran families,” according to the State of Arizona.

This fund helps veterans and their families who need assistance with rent/mortgage, utility bills, and car payments. The exact nature and duration of the assistance offered through this fund depend on the decisions of an advisory committee responsible for administering the funds.

Arizona 100% Disabled Veteran License Tax and Registration Fee Exemption

Arizona state law offers disabled veterans an exemption for a state license and registration fees for one vehicle. This can be a vehicle the veteran owns outright or co-owns with another person. Surviving spouses may also qualify for this exemption as long as they do not remarry.

For more information regarding Arizona veteran benefits, please visit this link.







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