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Iowa Veterans and Disabled Veterans Benefits

Iowa Veterans Benefits

State Veterans and Military Benefits for Iowa

The following are the Iowa veterans’ benefits programs for education, employment, healthcare and housing for 2018.

Education Benefits for Iowa’s Veterans

In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, there are veterans’ education benefits programs provided by the state of Iowa.

War Orphans Educational Aid

Children of Iowa veterans killed in action following September 11, 2001 are eligible for up to $11,844 per year in tuition assistance at an Iowa post-secondary institution.

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Children qualify up to the age of 26. Dependents of those killed in action prior to September 11, 2001 are eligible for $600 per year with a maximum of $3,000. Residency is required to receive this benefit.

Iowa National Guard Tuition Benefits

Iowa National Guard members in good standing are eligible for up to $2,700 per semester for full time enrollment. Part-time students are eligible for $196 per semester hour. Additionally, Guard members who are mobilized will receive a tuition refund.


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Housing Benefits For Iowa’s Veterans

Homeownership Assistance

This is a $5,000 grant for service members who are buying a home in the state of Iowa. They must have served on active duty on or after September 11, 2001 and purchased their home after March 10, 2005. Those who have served at least 90 days of active duty between August 2, 1990 and April 6, 1991 will also qualify.

Property Tax Exemption

This exemption reduces a veteran’s assessed home value for property tax purposes by $1,852. To qualify, a service member must have served on active duty during a period of war or for a minimum of 18 months during peacetime.

Disabled Veterans Homestead Tax Credit

This provides a 100% exemption of property taxes for 100% disabled service-connected veterans and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) recipients.

Healthcare Benefits for Iowa’s Veterans

Injured Veterans Grant

This grant will provide up to $10,000 to service members or discharged veterans who sustained serious or very serious combat-related injuries in a combat theater of operations after 9/11/01.

Iowa Veterans Home

Iowa has one veterans home in Marshalltown, Iowa. This facility has a commitment to care for Iowa veterans and their spouses. The home has two levels of care and each resident is evaluated to determine the level of care that best fits their needs. The veterans home has residential care, where the resident cares for their own needs with the exception of meals. They also have nursing care, for those who require ongoing nursing supervision with their physical needs and daily living.

To be admitted to the veterans home, the veteran will need to be honorably discharged from the military and be eligible for care and treatment at Department of Veterans Affairs facilities. The spouse of a veteran or a widowed spouse of a veteran will be eligible for admission, based on the eligibility of their spouse. Spouses need to be married to their veteran for at least a year before  they can apply. Veterans will also need to have a certification of residency by the County Commission of Veterans Affairs.

Employment Benefits for Iowa’s Veterans

Military Retirement Tax Exemption

This will exempt federal retirement pay that is received for military service and survivor benefits from state individual tax.

Iowa Veterans Trust Fund

The State of Iowa established a multi-million dollar fund to provide certain services to veterans. The fund can provide relief for Iowa veterans and their families. Funds are currently used for unemployment or underemployment assistance due to service-related causes, assistance with vision, hearing, dental care, durable medical equipment, prescription drugs, counseling and substance abuse services, vehicle repairs, housing repair, and transitional housing in an emergency.

Home Base Iowa

Home Base Iowa is a one-of-a-kind program that connects veterans and transitioning service members to career opportunities. Veterans can submit their resumes through the Home Base Iowa website to be connected to an IowaWORKS Center.

Veteran representatives, who are all honorably discharged service members themselves, work with eligible veterans and clients to help them with: a comprehensive assessment of skill levels, development of an individual employment plan, developing job interviewing and resume writing skills, individual career planning services, placing them in federally-funded employment and training programs, monitoring job listings from federal agencies and federal contractors to ensure veterans get priority service in referral to these jobs, and providing intensive services to meet the employment needs of eligible veterans.

Veteran’s Preference

Veteran’s preference gives eligible veterans who are applying for employment preference over many other applicants for employment with the State of Iowa, Public Works, Counties, Cities, and Schools. This applies to new appointments in both the competitive and excepted service. Veteran’s preference does not guarantee a job for the veterans and does not apply to promotions, transfers, reassignments, and reinstatements.

In order to qualify, veterans must be released from active duty in the armed forces under honorable conditions. A veteran can receive five percentage points to be added to their score. If the veteran has a service-connected disability or is receiving compensation, disability benefits or pension under laws administered by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, they will receive 10 points.

If an honorably discharged veteran has been awarded the Purple Heart incurred in action, they will be considered to have a service-connected disability.

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Local Veteran Employment Representative (LVER)

LVER performs a wide range of duties on behalf of veterans. They provide:

    • Outreach to the employer community and facilitate within the state’s employment service delivery.
    • Promote the advantages of hiring veterans to employers, employer associations, and business groups.
    • Assist veterans in gaining employment, including conducting seminars for employers, conducting job search workshops and establishing job groups.
    • Coordinate with unions, apprenticeship programs and businesses and organizations to promote and secure employment and training programs for veterans.
    • Inform federal contractors on the process to recruit qualified veterans and facilitate employment, training, and placement services.

For more information regarding Iowa veterans benefits, please visit – Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs website







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