One benefit of being a Navy Federal Credit Union member is having funds made available early. Find the standard military pay dates and Navy Federal pay dates below.

Military Pay Dates

The military pays on the 1st and 15th of every month.  Everyone knows that!  But what if the actual military pay date lands on the weekend or a holiday?

Navy Federal Credit Union deposits funds early for their members. This will depend on the type of checking account that you have. An Active Duty Checking account will receive funds earlier than other checking accounts.

The type of checking account is based on what account your direct deposit goes into. Funds are typically available the day before the military pay date.

Navy Federal Pay Dates 2018


Scheduled Military Pay DateNavy Federal Pay DateNavy Federal Pay Date 
Active Duty CheckingOther Checking Account
Mon, Oct 1Fri, Sep 28Sat, Sep 29
Mon, Oct 15Fri, Oct 12Sat, Oct 13
Thu, Nov 1Wed, Oct 31Thu, Nov 1
Thu, Nov 15Wed, Nov 14Thu, Nov 15
Fri, Dec 14Thu, Dec 13Fri, Dec 14
Mon, Dec 31Fri, Dec 28Sat, Dec 29


Take a look at what Navy Federal Credit Union has to offer.  Then find out if Active Duty Checking would be right for you.

You can learn more about Navy Fed by reading Navy Federal Credit Union Benefits and Perks.



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