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Veteran Friendly Engineering Programs

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Why Should Veterans go Into the STEM Field?

A job in the STEM field guarantees job security and a consistently higher paycheck. Many times, a veterans’ military career has prepared them for a job in the Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math fields. However, not as many veterans (or civilians for that matter) are exploring STEM opportunities at the rate that the STEM industries are growing.

A BrightWing article from 2019 titled, Research on the Engineering Talent Shortage Says We Should Start Worrying, explains why. According to the article, the reasons for this are because of changes in visa regulations for foreign-born workers, an aging workforce, a decline in interest in the STEM fields, and a lack of women in engineering and manufacturing.

Because of this, we have researched the most military-friendly engineering programs out there…this could be a good career path for someone who is interested in the STEM fields.

These Jobs Are Hot and Pay Well

When it comes to the 30 Best STEM jobs, U.S. News and World Report stated that in 2019, 6 of them were in the engineering field.

  • #10 Cartographer (median salary $63,990)
  • #16 Civil Engineer (median salary $84,770)
  • #19 Mechanical Engineer (median salary $85,880)
  • #28 Environmental Engineer (median salary $86,800)
  • #29 Environmental Engineering Technician (median salary $50,230)
  • #30 Biomedical Engineer (median salary $88,040).

According to Forbes.com, engineers hit 5 of their 10 spots in their The 10 Best-Paying STEM Jobs for Recent Grads article.

GI Bill Extension?

The VA launched the Edith Nourse Rodgers STEM Scholarship Program for students training in high demand STEM fields. This program will provide up to nine months of additional Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits with a maximum of $30,000. This is because many STEM degree programs are longer than a typical program might be because of different mandatory internships throughout the degree program.

This program is for qualifying veterans and Fry Scholars seeking an undergraduate STEM degree or those who have earned a STEM degree and are seeking a teaching certification.

The Most Military Friendly Engineering Programs

Interested in engineering? If so, you are going to want to look for the most Military friendly engineering programs in the US. But what makes a program military friendly?

This is our criteria:

– A Student Veterans of America chapter

– A Full-time Veteran Counselor

– Signed VA Principles of Excellence

– A Club/Association for Veterans on Campus

– Offer College Credit for Military Experience

– Accept CLEP Exam Scores

Here are some veteran-friendly engineering programs at varying levels to look into.  Some of these have paid for promotional consideration by CollegeRecon.

You Can Start Today.

Interested in exploring a degree program at a military-friendly school in the STEM field? You can research the schools above on CollegeRecon where you can easily search and learn more about each program.








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