Why Should Veterans go Into the STEM Field?

A job in the STEM field guarantees job security and a consistently higher paycheck. Many times, veterans’ military career has prepared them for a job in the Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math fields. However, not many veterans (or civilians for that matter) are exploring STEM opportunities at the rate that the STEM industries are growing. This fact led to a 2016 report from The US News & World Report discussing the fact that the US will soon have to rely on foreigners to fill the demand for STEM jobs in the US. (For this reason, we have researched the most military friendly engineering programs out there.)

Despite significant public and private investment, we are still not developing an American STEM workforce to fill the jobs of the future.” –Brian Kelly, editor and chief content officer of U.S. News.

These jobs are hot (& pay well)!

And lastly (and extremely importantly) 3 out of 5 of the highest paying STEM salaries in 2016 were in IT-related fields. Information Systems Managers had a yearly salary of $141,000 in 2016; Computer Research Scientists were paid $115,580; and Computer Hardware Engineers made $114,970. Being that was only a year ago, those numbers are probably still very accurate.

So what better time than now to set yourself up for success?!

GI Bill Extension?

Veterans groups & representatives have even gone so far as to try to get the GI Bill extended for up to 9 months for those GI Bill users who are pursuing STEM degrees. (One thought being that many STEM degree programs are longer because of different mandatory internships throughout the degree program.)

Although it hasn’t yet been passed, the effort and energy put behind it is proof that getting veterans into STEM fields is extremely important. Why? Two main reasons: success and fulfillment for the veteran and their family, and prosperity & development in the STEM field through having hardworking and dedicated professionals in those positions. (Win, Win!)

The Most Military Friendly Engineering Programs in the US:

What Makes Them Military Friendly?

So glad you asked… All of the aforementioned programs include the following military assistance programs:

Basic Allowance for Housing of $2,160 or higher

– A Student Veterans of America chapter

– A Full-time Veteran Counselor

– Signed VA Principles of Excellence

– A Club/Association for Veterans on Campus

– Offer College Credit for Military Experience

– Accept CLEP Exam & DSST Exam Scores

What you can look forward to…

Higher paying jobs

You Can Start Today.

Interested in exploring a degree program at a military friendly school in the STEM field? Research the schools above on CollegeRecon.com where searching for degree programs as a GI Bill user is far easier and removes the headache of sifting through for-profit/predatory schools. Then start conversations with admissions personnel at those schools right on the portal. (No need to give out your personal contact information.) Best of luck!!