Getting Your Degree

Tips on getting your degree.

As a Veteran, You Have a Head Start on the 3 Things All College Bound Students Need

A college degree is arguably the best way to reach your career goals, create new opportunities, find your dream job, and increase income. However, the cost, time, and effort it takes to earn a degree can be overwhelming. But, thanks to your military experience you have a leg up in all three of those areas.

Money For School

The cost of a college degree can run over $40,000 a year – in tuition alone. But, as a result of your military service, you can virtually eliminate the cost of higher education through programs like tuition assistance, scholarships, and of course, the GI Bill.

Time Saved To Complete

Earning a degree typically takes between 4 and 5 years. However, your military experience can reduce the number of classes needed to earn your degree through a program known as ACE (American Council on Education). ACE is used by schools to determine the college-level equivalencies for your military training and experience.

Effort Through Training and Adversity

Unlike most freshman college students that have never had to push themselves through adversity, your training and experience in the military has given you the focus and tenacity to meet the demands of earning your degree.

Your combination of education benefits, life experience, and support programs will ensure your success as you prepare for going to college. So, don’t let your concerns about Money, Time and Effort slow you down.

master's degree in statistics

Getting Your Master’s Degree in Statistics

Master’s Degree in Statistics Love your math classes? Do you have a bachelor’s degree in statistics or a related major? If so, you might be interested in going further and getting your master’s degree in statistics.  Those going into statistics will learn about gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data. According to BLS, the field of mathematics… Read more »

massage therapist GI Bill

Become a Massage Therapist with Your GI Bill®

Less School, More Pay: Become a Massage Therapist Massage Therapy is a popular career choice that focuses on both treatment for specific ailments and overall health and wellness. An education and training in Massage Therapy is typically found as a postsecondary certificate program and as an Associate Degree program. What do Massage Therapists do? Massage… Read more »

biomedical engineering degree

Getting a Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Getting a degree in biomedical engineering can be a quality choice for those who love learning about medicine, science, and math. Biomedical engineers combine engineering principles with medical sciences to design and create equipment, devices, computer systems, and software. They work in manufacturing, universities, hospitals, and research facilities. 

Political Science Degrees and Jobs

Political Science: Degrees and Jobs

Great Degrees for Amazing Careers: Political Science A Political Science degree is a fantastic opportunity for military members (past and present) and their family members. Living the military lifestyle gives students a unique perspective and excellent background for a degree in Poli-Sci. Earning a degree in Political Science can prepare students for diverse and rewarding… Read more »

Master's Degree in Civil Engineering

Getting Your Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering

In order to become a civil engineer, you will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. But going on to get your master’s degree in civil engineering will allow you to pursue more leadership-based positions and higher-paying jobs.

theology and biblical studies for military and veterans

Theology and Biblical Studies for Military and Veterans

Theology and Biblical Studies: Certificates, Degrees, and Jobs for Military and Veterans An education in theology or biblical studies can open doors to a meaningful career. Theology and biblical study programs can be found as certificates, undergraduate, and graduate degrees. Although many people think that theology and biblical studies majors only go on to become… Read more »

nonprofit management career

Nonprofit Management: Education and Careers

A career in nonprofit management offers excellent pay and a variety of options of employers. From animal welfare to education to veteran services, the opportunities to embark on a meaningful career with excellent pay can be started in just a short period of time.

senior living management degree

Online Senior Living Management Degree

A certificate or degree in Senior Living Management is an interdisciplinary course of study that combines Hospitality Management with Aging Studies and Health Care Management.  A successful education in senior living management will teach students to adapt the culture and philosophy of hospitality to the senior living industry to enhance the overall experience of the residents.

degree in environmental studies

Getting a Degree in Environmental Studies

A degree in Environmental Studies prepares students for a variety of interesting and profitable careers. An environmental studies degree will provide students with education and skills that can be applied across a spectrum of disciplines including science, social behavior, and humanities. Students can gain a scientific background by which to understand environmental science while also gaining knowledge of the social, political, and ethical dimensions of environmental action and policy.

degree in mathematics

Getting a Degree in Mathematics

You can find mathematics everywhere! From biology to physics, to computers and economics. A degree in Mathematics makes for a great foundation for any of the STEM subjects and beyond. If you have a love of numbers, mathematics can be the perfect field to go into.

health services administration degrees

Online Degrees in Health Services Administration for Military & Veterans

A degree in Health Services Administration can open doors to an excellent career with fantastic pay. Health services administration is an increasingly popular field of study that appeals to people interested in the wide reaching and ever-evolving healthcare industry. This degree is perfect for those passionate about healthcare yet prefer management to direct patient care.

teaching english degree

Getting a Degree in Teaching English (TESOL)

Earn a Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) English is one of the most widely used languages in the world. The fields of science, commerce, aviation, and education (among others) all require a strong knowledge of the English language. If you have ever struggled learning a second language, you can understand… Read more »

best industries veterans

Top 10 Careers and Industries For Veterans

Still haven’t decided which career field you want to pursue? Here’s a list of the top 10 industries for veterans that match their career goals.

masters degree in information technology

Getting Your Master’s Degree in Information Technology

Master’s Degree in Information Technology  Information Technology is a growing field that offers relatively secure positions for those who have solid technical skills and also have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. The field covers the design, administration, and support of computer and telecommunications systems.  People going into the information technology field work with businesses… Read more »

master's degree chemical engineering

Getting Your Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

While you can find a decent job with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, going on to get your master’s degree in chemical engineering can open more doors and expand your career choices. Having a master’s degree in chemical engineering will also allow you to pursue more advanced or managerial vocations.

master's industrial engineering

Getting Your Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering 

Industrial engineering uses the principles of engineering, mass production, and technology to help companies find ways to offer services or create a product efficiently. Most of the industrial engineering positions out there require a 4-year degree, however, a master’s degree will allow you to go into advanced research, management, or consulting positions in the industrial engineering field.

Public Administration Certificates and Degrees

Public Administration Certificates and Degrees

Public administration is an increasingly popular field of study that appeals to people interested in the wide reaching field of public service. This can include services provided at the local and state level, public health and safety, education, and local government. An education in public administration is available as a postsecondary certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s, master’s, and as a doctorate.

culinary arts scholarships

Culinary Arts Scholarships

Studying culinary arts can be a good career path. You can work towards any number of careers working with food by doing so. Scholarships can make getting your education a bit easier. Here is a list of 9 scholarships for those studying culinary arts.

Game Design Degrees for Veterans and Military

Getting Your Degree in Game Design

If you have a passion for gaming, earning your degree in game design is a great move. Getting an education in game design can open doors for a variety of job opportunities and set a student up for a multitude of future successes.

Get a Degree in Psychology

Getting a Degree in Psychology

Analyze This: Getting a Degree in Psychology Looking for an altruistic job helping people and making a great salary? A degree and career in psychology may be right for you! Psychologists study cognitive, emotional, and social processes and behavior. They interpret how people relate to one another and to their environments to help improve quality of life. … Read more »

dental hygiene degree and careers

Dental Hygiene Degree Options and Career Opportunities

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates employment opportunities for dental hygienists will grow 11% over the next decade, much faster than the average for all occupations. Dental hygienist jobs span a variety of opportunities including private sector jobs, government employment, and even opportunities with non-profits and outreach programs.

Mechanical Engineering Degree

Getting Your Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that can be a good career path to pursue. Mechanical engineering is all about objects and systems in motion and touches every aspect of modern life. Mechanical engineering combines engineering, physics, and mathematics. Mechanical engineering is also one of the oldest of the engineering disciplines.

occupational therapy degree

Start a Fantastic Career with an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Therapy!

Less School, More Pay: Start a Fantastic Career with an Associate Degree in Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Assistant An education as an occupational therapy assistant can open doors to an excellent career with fantastic pay. Occupational therapy assistant jobs span a variety of opportunities including private sector jobs, government employment, and even opportunities with non-profits… Read more »

statistics degree

Getting a Degree in Statistics

Getting a degree in statistics can be the right choice for someone who enjoys mathematics and numbers. Statistics is a discipline that is about the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. Statistics is commonly taught with university mathematics departments, and some overlap with majors such as economics, sociology, accounting, and finance.

paramedic degree jobs

Paramedics and EMTs: Certificates, Degrees, and Job Opportunities

Education and training as a paramedic or emergency medical technician (EMT) can open doors to an exciting career with excellent pay. Paramedic and EMT jobs span a variety of opportunities from public service to private sector jobs. There are also non-traditional opportunities such as sporting events and jobs in the tourism industry, including theme parks and cruises.