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Nevada Veterans Benefits & Disabled Veterans Benefits

Nevada Veterans Benefits

The following are the Nevada veterans’ benefits programs for education, employment, housing and healthcare for 2018 and 2019.

Nevada Veterans’ Benefits Programs

Education Benefits for Nevada Veterans

In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, there are veterans’ benefits programs provided by the states.

Waiver of Fees for Members of Nevada National Guard

The University of Nevada system may grant a waiver of tuition and laboratory fees for any active member of the Nevada National Guard.

Waiver of Fees for Children and Surviving Spouses of Nevada National Guard

The University of Nevada system may grant a waiver of tuition and laboratory fees for any child or surviving spouse of a Nevada National Guard member killed in the line of duty. A child may use the waiver for 10 years after they attain the age of 18 years. A surviving spouse may use a the waiver for 10 years after the member’s date of death.

Grant-In-Aid for the Family of a Member Killed in the Line-of-Duty

Dependents of an active duty member killed in the line of duty while permanently stationed in Nevada may be eligible for a financial grant that does not require repayment.

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Housing Benefits for Nevada Veterans

Home is Possible for Heroes Program

This program gives veterans and military personnel more buying power and more opportunities to experience the joys of homeownership for less. The program will give participants a below-market fixed interest rate on a 30-year loan, it will reduce the monthly mortgage payment, there will not be a first-time homebuyer requirement, it can be combined with the mortgage credit, there will be a Certificate (MCC) with program fees waived, and is a statewide program.

In order to take part in this program, a participant will need to have a qualifying income below $95,500, the home must be below $400,000, the loan will need to be a government insured loan, the homebuyer will need a minimum credit score of 640, the homebuyer must live in the home as their primary residence, a homebuyer education course is required, the loan must meet standard underwriting requirements, and there will be a one time fee of $675.

The Home is Possible for Heroes Program is for veterans who have been honorably discharged, are in the National Guard, are a surviving spouse, or on active duty with the military.

Property Tax

A disabled veteran may receive a property tax exemption of up to $20,000 of the assessed value of their primary residence if the veteran is 60% or more disabled as a result of military service.

Health Care Benefits for Nevada Veterans

Adopt a Vet Dental Program

The Adopt a Vet Dental Program (AAVD) identifies and will qualify each case, and then will seek appropriate dental care for the qualified veteran. The dental services will be provided pro bono to veterans who qualify. This service is provided by volunteer dentists as well as the labs who help subsidize or completely cover the lab expenses associated with each veteran’s treatment. In order to qualify, a participant must be:

  • At or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines
  • Enrolled with the VA
  • Under the care of a primary care physician in the VA
  • Following health care requirements from their physician
  • A full-time Nevada resident
  • Clean and sober for a year
  • Have served in the military for at least a year
  • Provide proof of income and assets which may include all forms of social security, available bank account or investment account statements to include all forms of income and assets, and their most recent tax return.

Veterans will also be asked for a minimal commitment investment.

Nevada’s Veterans Homes

There are two Veterans Homes in Nevada, the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home in Sparks, NV and the Southern Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City. The Northern Nevada State Veterans Home opened in December of 2018 and offers the highest level of skilled care without the feeling of a hospital or institution. There are 96 beds and have a host of amenities. Veterans will have their own private room and share a den, living room and kitchen with 15 other residents. The Southern Nevada State Veterans Home has 180 beds. They offer nursing services, and a variety of programs including Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Potential residents do need to be veterans, a veteran spouse, or a Gold Star parent. They also need a physician’s referral documenting the need for nursing care that can be met within the parameters of the home’s services.

Employment Benefits for Nevada Veterans

Patriot Employer Program

The Patriot Employer Program provides businesses with education and support to help fill their teams with employees who have proven to be successful. The program will show them where to find veterans, how to retain them, the tax credits available as well as other benefits to veterans. A business can earn a Patriot Employer Program Certificate, which is signed by the Governor, which will designate the business as veteran friendly.

Veterans Preference

10 points will be added to a veteran’s score if they have been honorably discharged, and have a disability.

5 points will be added to a veteran’s score if they have been honorably discharged without a disability as well as widows, and widowers of veterans.

5 points will also be added to those in the Nevada National Guard as long as they submit a letter of recommendation from their commanding officer of their unit.

Retirement Pay

Nevada does not tax military retirement pay as Nevada does not have state income taxes.

For more information regarding Nevada veterans’ benefits, please visit – Nevada Office of Veterans Services


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