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New Mexico Veterans & Disabled Veterans Benefits

new mexico veterans' benefits

New Mexico Veteran Benefits

The following are New Mexico veterans’ benefits programs for education, employment, taxes, and healthcare.

New Mexico Veterans’ Education Benefits

In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, veterans benefits programs are provided by the state of New Mexico.

New Mexico Tuition Waiver and Stipend for Children of Deceased Veterans

Children between the ages of 16-26 whose veteran parent was killed in action may qualify for a full tuition waiver at any state-funded post-secondary school. A $150 stipend per semester may also be issued to help with books or fees.

Vietnam Veteran Scholarship

New Mexico veterans in the state for a minimum of 10 years and who were issued the Vietnam Campaign or Service Medal may be eligible for the Vietnam Veteran Scholarship. It pays full tuition and books at any state-funded post-secondary school.

Wartime Veteran Scholarship Fund

This fund is for combat veterans who have served since 1990. It pays the full cost of tuition at any state supported school, but is intended for those who have used all GI Bill benefits first. To qualify, the veteran must have an Honorable discharge and either was a resident of New Mexico when entering military service or lived in the state for 10 years or longer.

The veteran qualifies when they have earned one of the following campaign medals:

  • Southwest Asia Service Medal
  • Global War on Terror Service Medal
  • Iraq Campaign Medal 
  • Afghanistan Campaign Medal
  • “Any other medal” issued for a military campaign or armed conflict after August 1, 1990

New Mexico National Guard Tuition Scholarship

This scholarship offers eligible members of the New Mexico National up to 100% per semester towards the cost of tuition and fees during the fiscal year. This program is for students pursuing their first bachelor’s degree with “no second equivalent or certificate level” allowed). 

This scholarship is paid directly to the school up to an annual cap which may vary depending on whether you are a member of the Army National Guard or the Air National Guard.

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New Mexico Veterans Tax Benefits

Property Tax Exemption

Veterans and non-remarried surviving spouses of those who served a minimum of 90 consecutive days on active duty may qualify for a $4,000 reduction in the taxable value of their property.

Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption

Veterans who are New Mexico residents rated 100% “Permanent & Total” disabled by the US Department of Veterans Affairs may qualify for an exemption on property taxes for a primary residence. Certain restrictions may apply to those without Honorable discharges.

Veteran Vehicle Registration Fee Exemption

Those who qualify for veteran exemptions on their property taxes and, according to the New Mexico Department of Veteran Services, “who do not have sufficient real or personal property to claim the full property tax exemption” may qualify for motor vehicle registration fees “at two-thirds the rates charged on vehicles the veteran owns.”

New Mexico Veterans’ Home

The State of New Mexico operates one state veterans’ home, open to Honorably discharged veterans with 90 days or more of service. Spouses may also qualify. Preference is offered to state residents, but all veterans are welcome to apply. Gold Star parents may also qualify for care in this facility.

This is a licensed long-term nursing facility, offering “limited physician, and/or nurse, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic laboratory, either in-house or on a contractual basis,” but no care above and beyond skilled nursing care is available. Contact the Home directly to learn how to apply and whether a waiting list is currently in effect.

New Mexico State Veteran Cemetery

The New Mexico Department of Veterans Services is responsible for cemetery operations in four locations:

  • Gallup
  • Fort Stanton
  • Angel Fire
  • Carlsbad

Of the four listed above, Carlsbad is the newest. On the application for burial services for these cemeteries, you should take note of the advisory, “While a burial plot cannot be reserved in any of the State Veterans’ Cemeteries, it is recommended that the following Pre-Application be submitted along with the necessary military service documentation which will facilitate burial eligibility determination.” 

Applications cannot be processed without the deceased military discharge paperwork, where applicable. Contact the cemetery directly for the most current requirements for burial or other services.

New Mexico Veterans’ Employment Benefits

New Mexico Personnel Office Veterans Hiring Preference

Honorably discharged veterans may qualify for a 5-point preference to be added to their final passing scores on employment examinations “performed by the New Mexico State Personnel Office.” 10 preference points are offered to qualifying disabled veterans. 

Business Tax Credit for Hiring Recently-Returned Veterans

New Mexico businesses are offered a business tax credit of up to $1,000 for each hire of a recently-returned veteran. 

Preference for Veteran-Owned Businesses or Contractors

The state of New Mexico offers “an additional 5% hiring preference for veteran-owned businesses or contractors over the existing 5% preference currently established for locally-owned businesses” when bidding for state contracts and applying for state jobs.

For more information regarding New Mexico veterans’ benefits, please see the New Mexico Department of Veterans Services





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