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Mississippi Veterans Benefits & Disabled Veterans Benefits

Mississippi Veterans Benefits

State of Mississippi Veteran Benefits

The following are state-level Mississippi veterans’ benefits programs for education, housing, employment, nursing home care, and burial benefits.

Education Benefits for Mississippi Veterans

In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, there are veterans’ benefits programs provided by the state of Mississippi.

Mississippi State Educational Assistance Program (SEAP)

SEAP is a state-level military education benefit for service members not receiving Federal Tuition Assistance. There is an exception for this for the state’s Free Tuition Program schools. The amount of SEAP funds per semester is capped at $4,500.00 per academic year at $250 per credit hour.

To qualify, students must meet the following requirements::

  • Applicant is a member of the Mississippi National Guard
  • The applicant has completed basic training
  • Registered as a voter in Mississippi
  • Full-time student in Mississippi
  • The benefit is for an undergraduate program

This benefit can be used in conjunction with federal tuition assistance or GI Bill for classes at these schools:

  • University of Southern Mississippi
  • Mississippi University for Women
  • University of Mississippi
  • Mississippi State University
  • Jackson State University
  • Alcorn State University

Students have 10 years to use this benefit after the first payment is made. Those who have used the benefit previously must provide a copy of their last semester grades.

Mississippi Educational Assistance

Qualifying children of service members reported as MIA or who are prisoners of war can apply for an eight-semester scholarship. This covers tuition but NOT books, food, or supplies. The State of Missouri VA official site provides minimal information about this military education benefit program; learn more by contacting the Mississippi VA.

Mississippi Resident Tuition Rates for Nonresident Service Members:

Veterans, spouses, college-age dependent children, nonresident military members stationed in the state on active duty, and nonresident Mississippi National Guard are considered residents, for tuition purposes at Mississippi state-supported schools.

Be advised that according to the state’s official site, “members that are reassigned outside of Mississippi or leave the Mississippi National Guard, are no longer eligible.

Dependents keep their residency status when:

  • The student completes their senior year of high school in Mississippi and enrolls in a Mississippi institution of higher learning;
  • The student is “enrolled in and remains continuously enrolled in” a Mississippi college;
  • Dependents of a Service member stationed overseas after a duty assignment in Mississippi.

Find colleges in Mississippi with our School Finder.  Use the filters to sort schools by state.

Housing Benefits for Mississippi Veterans

Mississippi Veterans Home Purchase Board

The Veterans Home Purchase Board provides low interest mortgages loans up to $250,000. Eligible veterans and unmarried surviving spouses can use this option to buy an existing single family home or to build a new home.

To qualify:

  • The veteran must be a Mississippi resident before entering the military OR;
  • Be a resident for two consecutive years before applying for the loan.
  • The veteran must have a Certificate of Eligibility for Home Loan Guaranty from the VA
  • Must have an Honorable discharge

Contact the Veterans Home Purchase Board of Mississippi to learn more or to apply.

Mississippi Veteran Tax Benefits

Mississippi Tax Exemptions for Military Pay

Military pay is exempt from Mississippi state income tax when pay is for duty in a designated combat zone, and the first $15,000 earned by Mississippi Guard and Reserve members for:

  • Inactive duty training
  • Active duty training
  • State active duty (emergency duty)

According to Army.mil, “All other military pay” is taxed in Mississippi, but as we explain below, military retirement pay is the exception.

Mississippi State Income Tax Exemptions for Military Retirement Pay

In general, military retirement income may be exempt from Mississippi income tax if the recipient has met the retirement plan requirements. The state does not tax military disability retirement income including:

  • Disability compensation and pension payments for disabilities
  • Grants for specially adapted homes
  • Grants for adapted motor vehicles
  • Benefits under a dependent-care assistance program

Tax laws are subject to change year to year. Consult a tax professional to learn what the current year’s tax laws may allow.

Homestead Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

Honorably discharged veterans with a 100% service-connected disability and their surviving spouses may qualify for an exemption on all property taxes on the assessed value of their primary residence. homestead property. Surviving Spouses of eligible Veterans can also receive the tax exemption. This information is subject to change–check with the Mississippi VA for the current status of this tax benefit for disabled veterans.

Nursing Home Benefits for Mississippi Veterans

The State of Mississippi operates four Veterans Nursing Homes:

  • Jackson
  • Oxford
  • Collins
  • Kosciusko

To qualify, applicants must meet Mississippi residency requirements, have qualifying military service, and no Dishonorable discharge. Spouses of current State Veteran Home residents may also qualify.

Pre-need arrangements may be possible, be advised that admission requirements also include a recent medical exam (within 30 days of admission to the facility) that shows the applicant:

  • Does not have a communicable disease.
  • Does not require specialized care
  • Does not have “traits which may prove dangerous to themselves, other residents and employees” according to the official site.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for VA benefits as part of the preparation for admission.

Burial Benefits For Mississippi Veterans

The State of Mississippi operates two veteran cemeteries; one located in Newton and the other in Kilmichael. The state official site provides minimal details about eligibility and other requirements, pre-need arrangements are encouraged. To qualify in general for burial you must have any military discharge other than Dishonorable. Services include:

  • Opening and closing of the gravesite
  • Grave or niche
  • Grave liner
  • Headstones or markers
  • Perpetual care

Contact the cemetery directly for pre-need arrangements.

Employment Benefits for Mississippi Veterans

The State of Mississippi offers veteran preference in hiring for competitive state jobs. This preference is for “fully qualified” veterans five preference points over other applicants for initial hires, as well as for promotions. Qualifying disabled veterans are given an “additional 10 preference points”.

To qualify:

  • Must have served on active duty 90 days or more during a period of war OR;
  • The applicant served less than 90 days, discharged due to a service-connected injury;
  • Applicants with at least 30% or more service-connected disability rating from the VA
  • Applicants who received the Purple Heart

For more information regarding Mississippi veterans’ benefits, please visit the Mississippi VA official site.

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