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Mississippi Veterans Benefits & Disabled Veterans Benefits

Mississippi Veterans Benefits

The following are the Mississippi veterans’ benefits programs for education, employment, housing and healthcare for 2018 and 2019.

Mississippi Veterans’ Benefits Programs

Education Benefits for Mississippi Veterans

In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, there are veterans’ benefits programs provided by the states.

Mississippi Educational Assistance

Children of any member of the armed services whose official home of record and residence is within the State of Mississippi and who is officially reported as being either a prisoner of war or missing in action can receive an eight semester scholarship, without cost, exclusive of books, food, school supplies, materials and dues or fees for extracurricular activities at any state supported college or university within the State. Miss. Code Ann., §37-108-1.

The Adjutant General of Mississippi is authorized to pay the tuition for certain members of the active Mississippi National Guard who are enrolled within the State of Mississippi in an accredited institution of higher learning, vocational education school or junior college.

Mississippi State University and the Mississippi National Guard

Announced a new program that will ensure free tuition for Mississippi National Guard service members enrolled full-time at MSU. To be eligible for the Bulldog Free Tuition program, service members must be full-time undergraduate students, in good standing with their unit and cannot be within a year of their expiration of term of service.

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Housing Benefits for Mississippi Veterans

Mississippi Veterans Home Purchase Board

The Veterans Home Purchase Board provides low interest mortgage loans in amount up to $250,000. This is for eligible veterans and unmarried surviving spouses to purchase an existing single family home or to build a new home. To be eligible, the veteran must be a Mississippi resident before entering the military or be a resident for two consecutive years before they apply for the loan. They veteran must have a Certificate of Eligibility for Home Loan Guaranty form the Department of Veterans Affairs and be discharged under honorable conditions.

Property Tax

A disabled veteran may receive a full property tax exemption on his or her primary residence if the assessed value is $7,500 or less and the veteran is 100% disabled because of their service.

Health Care Benefits for Mississippi Veterans

Mississippi Veterans Nursing Homes

Mississippi has four State Veterans Nursing Homes with 150 beds per home located in Jackson, Oxford, Collins, and Kosciusko. Each place has skilled and dedicated professionals to provide care for eligible veterans and their spouses. In order to be eligible for a home, a service member will need to have been a Mississippi resident, have qualifying military service, and have been discharged under other than dishonorable conditions. They can also be the spouse of a veteran who resides in one of the State Veterans Nursing Homes. Those who are out of state may be admitted if there are no Mississippi residents waiting for a bed. Any out of state applicants must have a medical need for nursing home care and must be able to pay the applicable daily charge for care in the home.

Employment Benefits for Mississippi Veterans

Mississippi’s Pledge to Hire a Hero

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security partners with businesses through its network of WIN Job centers across the state. The center staff can help with free job postings and help businesses save time and money by providing requirement, screening, and referral of qualified candidates. Veterans can also find information on work opportunities, tax credits, and on-the-job training.

County Veterans Service Officer

County Veterans Service Officers Counties may employ a County Veterans Service Officer if they are an honorably discharged or honorably released veteran of any war or police action in which the US Armed Forces of the United States has been in, be the surviving spouse or child of any such deceased veteran, or any person employed as a County Veterans Service Officer in any county of the State of Mississippi on March 30th, 1990. They also must be certified by the Mississippi State Veterans Affairs Board which will require that they attend at least one of two annual training programs provided each year and successfully complete a written examination each year on the duties and responsibilities of and assistance available to such officers and veterans. They will not be entitled to any compensation for their service unless they are annually certified by the State Veterans Affairs Board.

Ad Valorem Tax Exemption

Any veteran that has a service-connected, total disability, and been honorably discharged from the military shall be exempt from all Ad Valorem taxes on the assessed value of their homestead property. This will also be extended to any unremarried surviving spouses of these veterans.

State Retirement

If a veteran is a member of the State Public Employees Retirement System and served in the Armed Forces of the United States or served in Maritime service during periods of hostility in WWII they shall be entitled to up to four years credit for active duty. They would have needed to have entered State Service after they were discharged from the Armed Forces or after they completed Maritime Service. Credit can be extended beyond four years if the veteran can prove that they were retained in the Armed Forces or Maritime Service during WWII by causes beyond their control and without opportunity for discharge.

Credit for Taxpayers That Employ Certain Veterans

If a taxpayer employs a new hire after January 1, 2015, they will then be allowed an annual credit against the taxes imposed as long as their new hire is an honorably discharged veteran who served on active duty in the Armed Forces on or after September 11, 2001, and who has been unemployed for six consecutive months immediately prior to being employed by them.

Employment Preference

The State Personnel Board designates veteran or disabled veterans status of applicants on the lists of eligible applicants for job vacancies within state service. The lists are sent to agencies that are seeking to fill vacancies. In state layoffs, veterans are granted preference and disabled veterans are granted additional preference.


If a member of any reserve component of the US Armed Forces leaves a position in order to perform duties or receive training, they shall be entitled to return to their position or a similar position with the same status, pay and seniority when the are done with their service. This does not apply if the service member had a temporary position. They will be considered absence with leave but may be without pay.

Professional License Reciprocity

Those in the military or military services who are moving or who have moved to Mississippi because of an active duty transfer may obtain licenses for many professions faster than usual. These licences include teaching, accounting, cosmetology, engineering, and real estate brokerage. Those who work as physicians, nurses, dentists, dieticians, and in other medical jobs can also qualify. Individuals with military training may count their experience toward requirements for various jobs licences, certifications, and registrations, subject to guidelines set by the licencing boards. State licensing boards can also grant either a permanent or temporary occupational licence. People who have temporary licences can start working while applying for permanent ones.

Military Retirement Pay

Retirement pay does not get taxed in the state of Mississippi.

For more information regarding Mississippi veterans’ benefits, please visit – Mississippi Veterans Affairs Board


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