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North Dakota Veterans Benefits

North Dakota Veterans Benefits

North Dakota Veterans Benefits Programs

The following are the North Dakota veterans’ benefits programs for education, healthcare, housing and employment.

Education Benefits for North Dakota Veterans

In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, there are veterans benefits programs provided by the state of North Dakota.

National Guard State Tuition Assistance

State-level tuition assistance is available to qualifying North Dakota National Guard members. Students must apply for this benefit every semester, applications must be received no later than one day before classes begin, and you must apply for Federal Tuition Assistance benefits in order to receive this one.

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Veterans Educational Training (VET)

Honorably discharged North Dakota veterans can apply for VET, a free program of study funded by the state of North Dakota meant as a certification prep program. VET may also help those seeking two-year or four-year degrees.

Dependent Tuition Waiver

This benefit is offered to dependents of North Dakota veterans killed in action, were disabled, or died from service-connected causes. Dependents approved for this waiver may attend any North Dakota state school without being charged tuition or fees for up to 45 months.

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Housing Benefits for North Dakota Veterans

Disabled veterans with a VA-rated service-connected disability of 50% or greater, and other veterans with “individual unemployability,” which may increase the rating to 100%, and unmarried surviving spouses of qualifying disabled veterans may be eligible for a tax credit for primary residences. Contact your nearest assessor’s office or a state tax professional to learn how to claim this credit.

Health Care Benefits for North Dakota Veterans

Hardship Assistance Grant

This is a need-based grant for veterans, spouses, and surviving spouses of qualifying veterans. These applicants must have “unmet need” for medical, dental, or optical care as well as a variety of other concerns (housing, emergencies, etc.)

Applicants must provide documentation of income level, state residency, and demonstrate a need.

Grant For North Dakota Veterans With PTSD

There is a service dog grant for North Dakota veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) To qualify, applicants must be state residents, have a PTSD diagnosis, and be actively involved in counseling or therapy. A doctor’s recommendation is also required. Apply with Service Dogs for America

North Dakota State Veterans’ Home

North Dakota operates one veterans’ home in Lisbon. This is a skilled care facility open to qualifying veterans and surviving spouses. To qualify applicants must be state residents for 30 days, or applicants must have entered military service from the state or have performed duty in a North Dakota regiment.

In cases where the home is operating at full capacity, there is a preference of admissions that may apply. For the Basic Care Unit:

  1. Veterans with service-connected disabilities
  2. American ex-prisoners of war
  3. North Dakota National Guard Members disabled in the line of duty
  4. Veterans
  5. Spouses and surviving spouses of veterans

There is a similar hierarchy for admissions to the Skilled Care Unit when the Veteran’s Home is operating at full capacity.

Burial Benefits for North Dakota Veterans

North Dakota operates one State Veteran Cemetery in Mandan. Eligibility for burial here includes those who died on active duty, surviving spouses, and:

  • Military retirees
  • Eligible U.S. veterans of any war
  • Veterans who served at least one term of enlistment and separated under conditions other than dishonorable
  • Present & past National Guard members

Pre-need registration is possible. To pre-register, you must complete an application including a copy of your discharge (DD Form 214 or the equivalent). According to the official site, your documents must “verify that you meet the eligibility requirements prior to any interments taking place.” Services include opening and closing of the gravesite and perpetual care.

Employment Benefits for North Dakota Veterans

Veterans may qualify for hiring preference at the State level for both competitive and non-competitive hiring. Disabled veterans get additional consideration. For competitive jobs, veterans may qualify for between five and 10 points. Surviving un-remarried spouses are also eligible for veterans preference.

For more information regarding North Dakota’s veterans’ benefits, please see the North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs.



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