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US Marine Corps Tuition Assistance: What You Need to Know

USMC Tuition Assistance

While serving in the Marine Corps, you may choose to pursue off-duty education. With the USMC Tuition Assistance program, you can receive money for some or all of your classes, depending on the degree you want to get.

USMC Tuition Assistance

Each branch offers Tuition Assistance (TA), with their own service-specific criteria. Here is what you need to know about Tuition Assistance in the Marine Corps.

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Who can use Marine Corps Tuition Assistance in the Marine Corps?

  • Marine Corps Tuition Assistance is available for qualifying active duty and active reserve marines. Not all will qualify.
  • Officers must have two years of service obligation remaining to apply for Tuition Assistance whether active duty or Reserve.
  • Reservists on a set of active duty orders must finish their class before their orders end.
  • First-time active duty applicants need to have 24 months of service before they can receive TA. However, O-5 level commanders can reduce the minimum in-service time to 18 months at their discretion.

What can you use Marine Corps Tuition Assistance for?

  • You can use Tuition Assistance for educational programs through master’s degrees.
  • You can use TA for career and technical education certificates if the programs are accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the Department of Education and be approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs as well as having a signed DOD memorandum of understanding.
  • TA is for tuition only, and not for costs such as books, or transportation. You also can not use TA for the cost of exams.
  • In the past there has been a cap of two classes covered by TA at a time. Check with your Education Office to learn what current requirements are.
  • No courses can overlap.
  • You can not use Tuition Assistance for duplicate degrees or double majors.

How does one request Marine Corps Tuition Assistance?

  • Contact your Marine Corps Voluntary Education Center to receive educational counseling in person or by phone and to help determine the courses that you need to take.
  • Learn how to apply online at the official site.
  • Start your application at least 60 days in advance of the course or courses you want to take.

How much does USMC Tuition Assistance cover?

The Marine Corps will pay for 100% of your tuition, up to $250 per semester hour, $166 per quarter hour, and $16.67 per clock hour. There is also a cap of $4,500 per fiscal year.

What do I need to know about Tuition Assistance eligibility in the Marine Corps?

  • Your application must be command-approved before it can be forwarded to the Voluntary Education Center for final approval.
  • The command approval is not automatic and will be based on the command’s anticipated mission requirements.
  • Your USMC Tuition Assistance application must be authorized before the start of the term.
  • Print your voucher out and turn it into your school accounting office to process payment.
  • Complete the College 101 Brief, which is a 10-15 minute online Powerpoint presentation.
  • First time TA users must also complete the Marine Corps Institute Personal Financial Management Course.

If you are serving in the US Marine Corps and would like to use Tuition Assistance for your education, make sure you qualify and plan to sign up to receive these USMC educational benefits.

You can look up over 2,100 schools that accept Tuition Assistance in the CollegeRecon School Search tool.  Under the tab labeled “Vet/Military Service”, please check the filter “Approved for TA Funding.”