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Oregon Veterans’ Benefits

oregon veterans' benefits

The following are the Oregon veterans’ benefits programs for education, healthcare, housing and employment for 2018-2019.

Oregon Veterans Benefits Programs

Education Benefits for Veterans in Oregon

In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, there are veterans benefits programs provided by the states.  The following are the Oregon veterans’ benefits programs for education in 2018 and 2019.

Oregon National Guard Scholarship

The bill Oregon House Bill 4035, provides full tuition assistance for members of the Oregon Army and Air National Guard at all Oregon state public universities and community colleges beginning in the 2018-2019* academic year.

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Housing Benefits for Veterans in Oregon

Veteran Home Loan Program

This Oregon benefit is seperate from the Federal VA loan guaranty. The ODVA’s home loan program offers eligible veterans fixed-rate financing for owner-occupied, single family residences, up to the Fannie Mae limit, for purchases only, and with a four home loan maximum life benefit. In order to be eligible the veteran would need to have been discharged or released under honorable conditions and served as active duty. They would also need to meet one of the following:

  • Served more than 90 consecutive days, beginning on or before January 31, 1955 or served more than 178 consecutive days beginning after January 31, 1955, or served 178 days or less and discharged because of a service-connected disability, or served 178 days or less and was discharged with a disability rating from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, or has served at least one day in a combat zone.
  • The veteran would have needed to have received a combat, campaign, or expeditionary ribbon or medal for service.
  • The veteran would need to be receiving a nonservice-connected pension for the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Property Tax Exemption

Disabled veterans and surviving spouses in Oregon may receive a property tax exemption on their primary residence. The veteran will need to be 40% or more disabled because of their military service. The exemption amount will vary annually according to income and will increase by 3% each year. Active duty service members, including National Guard and Reserve members, may also qualify for a residential property tax exemption.

Health Care Benefits for Veterans In Oregon

Oregon Veterans’ Homes

Oregon has two veterans homes. They are open to those who qualify as a veteran, their spouses, surviving spouses, as well as parents who have had a child die while serving in the US Armed Forces. Veterans would have also needed to have received an honorable discharge from their branch of service, as well as a physician’s recommendation that skilled nursing care is needed. The first home opened in 1997, which is the Oregon Veterans’ Home in the Dalles. Then the Edward C. Allworth Veterans’ Home opened in Lebanon in 2014.

Employment Benefits for Veterans In Oregon

Veterans’ Preference

Oregon law says that public employers will need to grant preferences in hiring and promotion to veterans and disabled veterans. If public employers are required to interview veteran applicants for civil service positions, they are required to interview each and every veteran that submits an application as long as they meet the minimum and special qualifications that the job requires. Veteran applicants may be ranked in comparison to other applicants at this stage.

Veterans who have successfully completed an initial screening, application, or civil test for a position with a passing score must be granted five additional preference points. 10 additional points will need to be added to a disabled veteran’s score. For positions that do not have a score, the employer will need to give preference to a veteran or disabled veteran by devising and applying methods that can give special consideration to veterans and disabled veterans. Public employers will have to appoint qualified veterans or disabled veterans to a vacant civil service position if the results of their application exam, as well as their preference points, are equal to or higher than the results of a non veteran applying for the same job.

Retirement Pay

Military retirees in Oregon may qualify for a “federal pension subtraction.” If you are a special-case Oregon resident, your pension remains taxable as Oregon-source income.

Oregon Veterans’ Emergency Financial Assistance

The OVEFAP, The Oregon Veterans’ Emergency Financial Assistance Program, is for veterans and their immediate family, which includes spouses, unremarried surviving spouses, children, or stepchildren, who are in need of financial assistance. This assistance will only be granted one time and the average amounts of the assistance varies. This type of assistance includes, but not limited to, emergency or temporary housing and related housing expenses, expenses such as utilities, insurance, or house repairs, mortgage or rent assistance, emergency medical and dental expenses, and emergency transportation expenses.

For more information regarding Oregon veterans’ benefits, please visit – Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs


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