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Georgia Veterans Benefits & Disabled Veteran Benefits

Georgia Veterans Benefits

The following are the Georgia veterans’ benefits programs for education, housing, healthcare and employment.

Education Benefits for Georgia Veterans

In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, there are veterans’ benefits programs provided by the states.

Georgia National Guard Education Benefits

100% tuition at state schools (or up to $2,174 per semester at other approved schools).

Scholarship up to $2,000/year for 4 years.

Tuition waiver is accomplished through a service-cancelable loan. As long as student remains a Georgia Guardsman in good standing, tuition is waived.

No additional service is required beyond the current semester.

Scholarship is for Georgia Guardsman/Reservist (or the spouse/child of one) who is a combat veteran deployed on/after 1 Feb 2003.

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Housing Benefits for Georgia Veterans

Disabled Veteran Homestead Tax Exemption

This is available to honorably discharged Georgia veterans who are considered disabled. They must also own their own home and use that home as their primary residence. The exemption also applies to surviving unremarried spouses and minor children as long as they remain in the homestead or a subsequent homestead in the same county.

To be considered disabled for the purpose of this tax exemption, you need to be VA-rated at 100% disabled, less than 100% disabled but being paid at the 100% rate because of unemployability, entitled to receive a statutory award from the VA for loss or permanent loss of one or both feet, one or both hands, loss of sight in one of both eyes, or permanent impairment of both eyes. They can also be the surviving, unmarried spouse of qualified deceased veterans, or surviving minor children of qualified deceased veterans.

The amount of this exemption is the greater of $32,500 or the maximum amount allowable under 38 U.S.C. 2101. You will need to apply to a GDVS Veterans Field Service Office.

Healthcare Benefits for Georgia Veterans

State War Veterans Homes

Georgia has two skilled nursing care homes for eligible war veterans that live in Georgia. They are located in Augusta and the other in Milledgeville. The primary mission of the homes is to provide high quality skilled nursing care to veterans while they seek to improve their quality of life and their overall health. A veteran must be a current Georgia resident and have been residing in Georgia for two years immediately preceding the date of application or have resided in Georgia for five or more of the past 15 years.

The veteran will also have needed to have served on active duty in the US Armed Forces during one of these wartime periods: World War II December 7, 1941-December 31, 1946, Korea June 27th, 1950-January 31st, 1955, Cold War January 31, 1955-August 1, 1990, Vietnam July 1, 1964- May 7, 1975, and the Persian Gulf August 2, 1990-present.

The veteran will also need to have a discharge from the US military for other than dishonorable conditions. They must be approved as eligible for skilled nursing care by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, free of contagious infectious disease as well as behavioral and psychiatric problems, and must not need to be sustained by line-operated mechanical means.

Employment Benefits for Georgia Veterans

Income Taxes for Combat Deaths

Service personnel who die as a result of wounds, diseases, or injury because of serving in a combat zone as a member of the US military will be exempt from all Georgia taxes for the taxable year of their death. Such taxes shall also not apply on any prior taxable year ending on or after the first day served in a combat zone.

Business Certification of Exemption

Those who are Georgia veterans are eligible for an exemption from any occupation tax, administrative fee, or a regulatory fee that is imposed by local governments. These can be imposed for peddling, conducting a business, or practicing a profession or semi-profession.

The veteran would need to be discharged under honorable conditions, have a service-connected disability rating of 10% (wartime veterans) or 25% (peacetime veterans,) and have income that is not liable for state income taxes in order to qualify for this exemption.

Employment Preference

There is a 5 point credit for war veterans that are seeking employment with the state of Georgia. There is a 10 point credit for veterans with a VA service-connected disability rating of 10% or more.

Returning Veterans Task Force

The Returning Veterans Task Force (RVTF) is an intra-state task force that investigates how Georgia’s state government agencies can coordinate services that can better assist service members transitioning from active duty back into society. The RVTF has 13 member agencies and organizations including GDVS.

Workforce Division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development

The Workforce Division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development is a program that offers assistance and tools to help veterans translate their military occupational classifications into civilian jobs and search for career opportunities with employers who have pledged to hire veterans.

For more information regarding Georgia veterans benefits, please visit – Georgia Department of Veterans Service website