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Missouri Veterans Benefits & Disabled Veterans Benefits

missouri veterans' benefits

The following are the Missouri veterans’ benefits programs for education, employment, housing and healthcare for 2018 and 2019.

Missouri Veterans’ Benefits Programs

Education Benefits for Missouri Veterans

In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, there are veterans’ benefits programs provided by the states.

Missouri National Guard Tuition Assistance

The Missouri State Tuition Assistance Program was established in 1998 by Missouri House Bills 1519 & 1165, section 173.239. State Tuition Assistance pays for any Missouri in-state school.

Missouri Wartime Veterans Survivors Grant Program

These grants are available annually to children and spouses of Veterans whose deaths or injuries were: a result of combat action or were attributed to an illness that was contracted while serving in combat action, or who became 80 percent disabled as a result of injuries or accidents sustained in combat action since Sept. 11, 2001. The total number of students that may receive a grant in any year is limited by statute to 25. The veteran must have been a Missouri resident when first entering the military service or at the time of death or injury.

Your maximum grant amount each semester will be the sum of the following:

  • The lesser of the actual tuition charged for the number of hours in which you are enrolled OR the amount of tuition charged a Missouri resident enrolled in the same number of hours at the University of Missouri Columbia.
  • An allowance of up to $2,000 per semester for room and board; and
  • The lesser of the actual cost for your books OR $500.

Missouri Returning Heroes Act

The Missouri Returning Heroes Act, established August 28, 2008, provides reduced tuition for certain combat veterans attending public institutions of higher education. To be eligible for assistance you must meet the following requirements:

  • Was a veteran who served in armed combat in the military after September 11, 2001.
  • To meet this requirement you must have served in a combat zone as designated by the U.S. Department of Defense and as documented on field 13 of your DD214.
  • If you were a member of the Reserves or National Guard you are considered to be a veteran who served in the military as long as you served in armed combat in a full-time capacity under a call to active service authorized by the President of the United States or the Secretary of Defense for a period of more than 30 consecutive days.

The Returning Heroes Act limits the tuition rate charged to qualifying veterans to $50 per credit hour. If you are attending an institution that measures coursework in clock hours rather than credit hours, your institution will apply a credit hour to clock hour conversion formula to determine the amount of the tuition limitation. The tuition limitation expires 10 years from the date of your last discharge from service. You may receive the reduced tuition through the end of the tenth year.

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Housing Benefits for Missouri Veterans

Missouri VA Homeless Veteran Program Coordinators

VA medical centers in Missouri have a Homeless Veterans Coordinator who provides information about the services for homeless veterans through the Veterans Health Administration. Their services include outreach, case management, referrals to benefits counselors, linkage to health care, and housing assistance.

Property Tax Exemption

There is a property tax exemption for those who have a total service connected disabled and are prisoners of war. They shall be exempt from owing taxes on all real property used as a homestead as defined by law.

Health Care Benefits for Missouri Veterans

Veterans Homes

Missouri has seven Veterans Homes, which are located in Cameron, Cape Girardeau, Mexico, Mount Vernon, St. James, St. Louis, and Warrenburg. Altogether, there are 1350 beds that provide long-term skilled nursing care. In order to be eligible for admission, a veteran must have lived in Missouri for 180 days during their lifetime, meet the criteria for veteran status that is established by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and require institutional health care services. Veterans also need to have been discharged under conditions other than dishonorable, and the home must have the resources to care for them based on their condition.

Employment Benefits for Missouri Veterans

Veterans Service Program

The Veterans Service Program has Veterans Service Officers (VSO) who provide counseling and assistance to thousands of veterans as well as their dependents throughout Missouri. They will train them on available VA and state veterans benefits as well as help them complete and submit claim applications.

The VSOs are also available for any follow-up work that might be necessary with the VA. Veterans Service Offices are found in almost every county so that veterans can find that help close to home.

State Contract and Business Preference for Service Connected Disabled Veterans

When businesses bid for jobs or services with the State of Missouri, preference will be given to disabled veteran businesses that do business as Missouri firms, corporations, or individuals, or businesses which maintain Missouri offices or places of business, as long as the quality of performance promised is equal or better and the price quoted is the same or less.

Waivers for Dissolved Corporations Due to Military Service

Fees for reinstatement and procedures will be waived when a corporation is administratively dissolved for failure to file an annual registration report, if it was because of the business owner’s active military service. Fees might still be due for previous years when the report was not filed.

Certain Business Fees Waived for Guard and Active Duty Members

If someone is a specified organizer, majority shareholder, officer, director, or partner of a company, corporation, health services corporation, nonprofit corporation, cooperative company, or partnership, and they are a member of the Missouri National Guard or any other active duty member of the military, resides in Missouri, and can provide proof of service to the Secretary of State, then certain specified business fees will be waived.

Professional Licence Extensions Due to Military Service

If a job requires licensing or certification by the State of Missouri, and a person is called to active duty in the National Guard or any reserve component, they will not be required to attend the continuing education or training that is required to maintain the licencing or certification during the time they are serving on active duty. When they return from active duty, they do not have to make up any of the training or education that was missed.

Military Experience Allowed for Professional Licence Qualifications

All of the professional licensing boards or commissions of the State of Missouri will accept education, training, or service completed by the anyone who is a member of the US Armed Forces, reserves, or national guard, toward the qualifications to receive the licence or certification.

Show Me Heroes Program

The Show Me Heroes program does a variety of things to help support those who have served in the military.

  • They assist the spouse of active duty national guard or reserve component service members as well as active duty military personnel, to help address immediate needs and employment in order to keep families from falling into poverty while the primary income earner is on active duty and during the one-year period following the end of the deployment.
  • They assist returning national guard troops or reserve component service members as well as recently separated US military personnel with finding work when they need to rebuild business clientele, if their job has been eliminated when they were deployed, or when the service member cannot return to their previous employment.
  • They also showcase Missouri businesses that are willing to hire veterans returning from the world’s battlefields. They will list the names of every employer who has signed the pledge to hire a Missouri veteran, and will allow veterans to see the employers in their region who have taken that pledge.

Veterans’ Preference for Employment by the State of Missouri

Veterans will receive a five-point preference when they test for the Merit System positions with the state. They will receive a 10-point preference is they are a service-connected disabled veteran. This preference might not be available at non-Merit state agencies. Spouses of eligible veterans can also qualify.

For non-merit agencies, the veteran should contact them directly to check and see if they do have veteran preference in their agency.

Priority for Qualified Veterans Employment by the State

State agencies that administer federally funded employment and training programs for veterans shall give priority to qualified veterans and other eligible persons.

Retirement Tax Exemption

In Missouri, all retirement pension income will be tax free.

Other Veterans Benefits for the State of Missouri

Missouri Military Family Relief Fund

The Missouri Military Family Relief Fund is a state-administered fund which assists families that are currently surviving members of the Missouri National Guard or reserves of the US Armed Forces. Applicants can receive a grant up to $3,000 based on the recommendation of a review panel. Military rank can’t be any higher than 0-3 or W-2, and they can not have received a previous grant from this fund within the last 12 months or have a situation that requires a monetary resolution in less than a week.

Commercial Driver Exam (CDL) Exemptions

Missouri will allow all active duty or retired military personnel to complete an application for a waiver of skills testing in order to obtain a commercial driver’s licence. The applicant must have a minimum of 60 days of active duty driving experience in a commercial motor vehicle for the military, to exclude vehicle training, within two years prior to the date of the application of the waiver. They must still complete the required knowledge examinations for the CDL class that is being applied for.

For more information regarding Missouri veterans’ benefits, please visit – Missouri Veterans Commission


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