Hot Degrees for Vets: Information Technology

Information Technology Degrees

If you know you want to get into an industry for the long-haul and specialize in that industry later in your career, wouldn’t you set yourself up for success by laying a strong foundation? In the IT world, that foundation is an Information Technology degree.

Information Technology (IT) as a field is booming and needs more professionals with an information technology degree. Why should veterans get an information technology degree?

Why Pursue An Information Technology Degree?

Our world is becoming increasingly more and more dependent on technology. However, we are also very dependent on those specialized individuals who have the skills to keep those technological advances running and improving. For that reason, there will always be a need for IT specialists.

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A career in IT with at least a bachelor’s degree is dependable (there will always be a need for IT specialists), secure (IT specialists make a good salary), and there is room for growth & development.

Removing The Military Transition Uncertainty

Leaving the military can involve some uncertainty. Where will your next paycheck come from? Will I be able to provide for my family in the civilian world?

An information technology degree can help relieve all of those stresses.

Why? Because those who have experience and a bachelor’s degree in the IT field will always be highly sought after.

There aren’t enough IT professionals to fill all of the job openings right now.

Furthermore you can rest assured that this industry involves growth. You won’t be stuck in one job forever if you don’t want to be. There’s flexibility and also dependability knowing that with a information technology degree, you will always be in demand.

Salary for IT Managers

An entry-Level Information Technology (IT) Manager can expect to make around $63,293. With experience and a master’s you can expect to make over $100,000.

Entry Level IT Jobs with Bachelor’s Degree

The beautiful thing about getting a Bachelor’s in Information Technology is that degree holders can go into basically any industry. Because our world and business are so dependent on technology, all offices, companies and organizations need IT specialists! These are a few of the popular entry level jobs you can expect to get after graduating with an information technology degree.

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Computer Support Specialists

Work within the broad spectrum of information technology, assisting all types of information technology needs, including working with developers, analysts, administrators, and end-users. Alternatively, help desk technicians assist those not in the IT fields who need assistance with their computer or computer systems

Computer Programmers

Write code for computers and turn software designs into reality.

Computer Systems Analysts

Evaluate a company’s current computer systems and business processes at a detailed level. They will make recommendations for more efficient and effective business and IT usage and interaction. Typically they act as a bridge between business and IT.

Computer and Information Systems Managers (IT managers)

Direct teams and run projects for computer related needs in an organization. In addition, they help identify IT goals and implement required computer systems in order to meet those goals.

Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, Computer Network Architects

All three types of these IT professionals use Information Technology (IT) to move an organization closer to its business goals.

Security analysts are in charge of keeping information safe from cyber attacks.

Web developers help provide the look and feel of an organization to others.

Network architects are in charge of creating the internal networks that all employees of an organization use.

Information Technology Degree Programs

These 4-year schools all offer Information Technology degrees.  Some programs may differ from school to school, so please make sure to do your own research or connect with the schools through CollegeRecon.

These schools also offer the following veteran support programs to assist you in paying for school and completing your degree:

Here’s the list of schools.  Some of the included schools are paid promotional partners of CollegeRecon.