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How Youngstown State Measures Up for Ohio Veterans

How Youngstown State Measures Up for Ohio Veterans

How Youngstown State Measures Up for Ohio Veterans

When you think of Youngstown State University, you might think of famous alumni like Ed O’Neill, Ron (‘Jaws’) Jaworski, or the incomparable trumpeter Sean Jones. But did you know that that Youngstown State University is a very military-friendly university?

You shouldn’t be surprised!

Youngstown State offers excellent veteran support, including a Campus SVA Chapter, a Full-Time Veteran Counselor On Campus, clubs and associations for veterans, and they support the 8 Keys to Veterans’ Success program.

Even more importantly, you can get credit for your military experience at Youngstown State. They offer ACE credit for military experience, award credit for the CLEP exam and the DSST exam. That’s going to save you time and money.

And on the financial front, their in-state tuition is extended for active duty, they are approved for TA funding, and also provide some military scholarships.

Campus life at Youngstown

Campus life at Youngstown is pretty good, according to current student ratings on Niche.

“Even when I have a long day, and I have to walk back to the parking deck at night, I never feel threatened because there is always security around to protect us (especially girls). Also, if you are ever afraid to walk alone, you can call the police and they will be there to walk with you.”

“Although I’m only a college freshman, I can’t wait to see what the future holds when I get my degree here. I know many people who have graduated and established the career they always wanted. Even the campus employees are always very kind, and I’m going to be very proud when I can say I graduated as a Penguin.”

“As of now, I am a member in training for a fraternity at my college, but I can’t wait until I’m officially accepted. Greek students are very well-respected because they do many things for the campus and are intelligent, hard-working, and kind. There is absolutely no hazing, and the housing is beautiful!”

Youngstown State is a classic Ohio college, with four beautiful seasons and a rich history behind it. They have caring, involved instructors, good networking and professional opportunities. And you can find thousands of people on LinkedIn who either worked at or attended YT.

If you have any questions you can review the Youngstown State U profile on CollegeRecon, or contact their Office of Veterans Affairs.


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