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Top 10 Yellow Ribbon MBA Programs

The Top Yellow Ribbon MBA Schools

To obtain a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) demonstrates professional mastery in the business arena. Many veterans find that transitioning into the business world to be a natural step after the completion of their service to the country.

CollegeRecon has created a list of the top 10 MBA programs for veterans.

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Choosing the Top 10

There are thousands of colleges in the United States, and sifting through them all is a huge undertaking. The Wall Street Journal 2022 College Ranking List formed the foundation of our analysis. Based on their results, we present to you the best schools that participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Wall Street Journal’s Methodology

The Wall Street Journal’s College Ranking focuses on student success and learning achievement. The WSJ looks for key indicators that illuminate issues related to student engagement, interaction with teachers, and overall satisfaction with their education.

The Wall Street Journal’s methodology encompasses four important areas of analysis:

  1. Resources – “Does the college have the capacity to effectively deliver teaching?”
  2. Engagement – “Does the college effectively engage with students?”
  3. Outcomes – “Does the college generate good and appropriate outputs?”
  4. Environment – Is the college providing a good learning environment for all students?”

The results of their survey helped determine which schools were better than others relating to these key areas. For more information, read the full Wall Street Journal College Rankings 2022 methodology.

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CollegeRecon’s Top 10 Yellow Ribbon MBA Schools

After sorting the schools by program, we eliminated the ones that did not participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. So, the schools that follow are the top schools, in order of the WSJ ranking, that do participate in this VA program.

#10: Rice University

The Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University proudly participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program at the maximum possible level. To that end, once your Chapter 33 annual cap has been exceeded, Rice Business school covers half the remaining costs with a Yellow Ribbon Scholarship.

This could mean that eligible veterans may have their FULL tuition covered by the Jones School of Business.

Additionally, the university hosts the Rice Business Veterans Association which provides assistance to transitioning veterans and their families.

#9: Washington University in Saint Louis

Each year, Washington University offers 150 graduate business students the max allowable contributions through the Yellow Ribbon Program. Participation is first-come, first-served. So if you intend on using Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, you must let the school know as early as possible.

Washington University also hosts a Student Veteran Association (SVA) chapter that offers support and assistance for military-connected students. 

Specifically for MBA students, the Olin Veterans Association (OVA) assists the Olin Business School veteran students transition into the business world

#8: Columbia University

Columbia University’s graduate school of Business allows an unlimited number of students to participate in its Yellow Ribbon Program. The maximum contribution amount the school will pay per student is $20,000.

Furthermore, to receive veterans benefits at Columbia, students must submit a Veterans Request for Certification for each term they’d like to receive benefits. This is not an automatic process at Columbia.

The Columbia Business School hosts the Military in Business Association (MiBA) veteran student group. This community offers support to Columbia’s veteran population by providing advocacy and skills development through their network of professionals.

#7: University of Pennsylvania

Penn’s prestigious Wharton School of Business allows for unlimited Yellow Ribbon Program availability for veterans in their MBA program. Additionally, Wharton students can receive up to $20,000 provided by Penn to match their VA contributions.

The VA provided Certificate of Eligibility must be submitted to the School Certifying Official, which is located in the Registrar’s office.

The Wharton Business School is also home to the Veterans Club, which offers community and support to its veteran student population. This is an important aspect of life at Wharton, where only about 5% of the students are veterans.

#6: Cornell University

All degree granting schools at Cornell University voluntarily participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. For graduate students, there is a limit to the number of participants each year.

Veteran students must qualify for a 100% entitlement as demonstrated with their VA Certificate of Eligibility. To notify the school of your Yellow Ribbon eligibility, complete Cornell’s Yellow Ribbon program application.

Cornell University maintains a robust Military Community offering programs and services to military and veteran students.

#5: Northwestern University

Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management allows for unlimited participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program. It also has a maximum contribution of $18,000.

In addition to accepting every VA educational benefit, Northwestern also accepts the Illinois Veteran Grant and Tuition Assistance.

Moreover, the school hosts the Northwestern University Veterans Association, NUVA, which provides resources and support to its veteran students. Those resources include:

Check out Northwestern’s impressive page for Student Veterans’ Resources.

#4: Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins’ Carey Business School maintains the annual tuition cap of $10,000 for 25 eligible veteran students. The VA will match that $10,000 and apply it towards tuition.

Johns Hopkins eagerly directs their students with information about Scholarships for MBA Students to ensure their successful completion of their MBA program.

The Carey Student Veteran Network is a support group led by students to provide networking support to military and veteran students. The CSVN partners with local organizations like FourBlock, 6th Branch, the Mission Continues, and Team River Runner, to help veteran students transition into academic and professional success.

#3: Brown University

Brown’s annual Yellow Ribbon Program contribution to graduate veteran students is $7,500. This support also extends to spouses and dependents who are using the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

The Brown University Student Veterans Society (BUSVS) has helped foster a supportive veteran community since 2009. The BUSVS plays an integral part of raising awareness for issues faced by veterans in their student community.

Brown University is also home to PAVE, the Peer Advisors for Veteran Education group. This is a peer support program that connects new military-connected students with student veterans already on campus. This approach plugs veteran students into the pipeline of resources and support during their academic journey.

#2: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT’s Sloan School of Management allows 30 students into their Yellow Ribbon Program. Sloan also offers up to $20,000 per student annually in their partnership with the VA.

The MIT Sloan Veterans Club helps veteran business students transition to academic life by offering support and counseling. It also offers access to exclusive networking and job opportunities.

#1: Harvard University

The Harvard Business School grants unlimited Yellow Ribbon access to veteran students in their MBA programs. The maximum contribution, which will also be matched by the VA, is $20,000 per year.

Harvard’s Armed Forces Alumni Association assists student veterans with professional development and job search resources. The club also helps raise awareness for the military-connected students on Harvard’s Business School campus.

From Battlefields to Business

Our nation’s veterans endure tremendous stress during their military service. It is not surprising that many veterans transition into the Business arena, for they have the grit and leadership skills necessary to succeed.

Earning an MBA, especially through any of these superb institutes of higher learning, will distinguish you from others in the business world. The VA’s Yellow Ribbon Program will assist with your education goals.

Get started on the path of your choosing today!


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