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Vet Success on Campus

Vet Success on Campus

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has created the Vet Success on Campus (VSOC) program to help veterans, servicemembers, and their qualified dependents. VSOC aims to help their target populations successfully transition into college life. The ultimate goal is to have VSOC students successfully complete their education and enter into the labor market fully prepared for viable careers.

The VSOC program is designed to help all qualified participants, and especially veterans, achieve success by providing outreach and transition services.

What is the VSOC Program?

Vet Success On Campus is designed to help its students succeed during their time as college students through a variety of on-campus benefits assistance and counseling. The VSOC program provides a VA Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) to each school that offers the program. A VA Vet Center Outreach Coordinator is also provided to provide peer counseling and referral services. Recognizing that college life is vastly different from serving in the military, VSOC Counselors help to ensure that veterans receive the support and assistance needed to pursue their educational and employment goals.

VSOC Counselors are easily accessible on campuses with the aim to quickly resolve any problems that could potentially interfere with a student’s educational success. From health concerns, to educational hurdles, to disability accommodations, VSOC aims to assist and empower their students in every way possible. The VSOC program began as a pilot program in 2009 at the University of South Florida. Since then, the program has expanded and currently supports 104 schools across the country. These schools are served by 87 VSOC Counselors. Please see below for a list of current VSOC locations and contact information.

List of Vet Success on Campus Counselors


Troy University – Arika Dolman, Arika.Dolman@va.gov
University of Alabama – Lisa Fells, Lisa.Fells@va.gov


University of Alaska, Anchorage – Gwendolyn Hoskins, Gwendolyn.Hoskins@va.gov


Arizona State University- Troy Rundle, Troy.Rundle@va.gov


University of Arkansas – open
Northwest Arkansas Community College – open


California State University, Long Beach- Lois Daz, Lois.Daz@va.gov
Long Beach City College- Lois Daz, Lois.Daz@va.gov
Mt. San Antonio College- Maura Kazden, Maura.Kazden@va.gov
Citrus College- Maura Kazden, Maura.Kazden@va.gov
Saddleback College- Kelandra Anthony Kelandra.Anthony@va.gov
Irvine Valley College- Kelandra Anthony, Kelandra.Anthony@va.gov
Pasadena City College- David Fierro, David.Fierro@va.gov
Los Angeles City College- David Fierro, David.Fierro@va.gov
California State University, Los Angeles- David Fierro, David.Fierro@va.gov
University of California, Los Angeles- Deana Garay, Deana.Garay@va.gov
Santa Monica Community College- Deana Garay, Deana.Garay@va.gov
American River College- open
San Diego State University- Ryan Morris, Ryan.Morris377@va.gov
Mira Costa College- Alizabeth Dang, Alizabeth.Dang@va.gov


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs- Julie Zook,   Julie.Zook@va.gov 


George Washington University- Glenn Cassis, Glenn.Cassis@va.gov


Northwest Florida State College- Maronda Clark, Maronda.Clark@va.gov
University of West Florida- Becky Baisden, Rebecca.Baisden@va.gov
University of South Florida- Jeanine Frederick, Jeanine.Frederick@va.gov
Florida State University- Jenn Stovall, Jennifer.Stovall@va.gov
Tallahassee Community College- Jenn Stovall, Jennifer.Stovall@va.gov
Florida International University- Marquay Smith, Marquay.Smith@va.gov
University of Florida- Patricia Carswell, Patricia.Carswell@va.gov
Santa Fe College- Patricia Carswell, Patricia.Carswell@va.gov
Florida State College at Jacksonville- Brittany Beimourtrusting, Brittany.Beimourtrusting@va.gov


Kennesaw State University- Margo Thompson, Margo.Thompson@va.gov


Hawaii Pacific University- Gwen Dang, Gwen.Dang@va.gov
Leeward Community College- Selina Higa, Selina.Higa@va.gov
University of Hawaii, Manoa- Selina Higa ,Selina.Higa@va.gov


Boise State University- Sean Burlile, Sean.Burlile@va.gov


Southwestern Illinois College- open
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign- Delmar Rhodes, Delmar.Rhodes1@va.gov


Johnson County Community College- Jonathan Grant,  Jonathan.Grant@va.gov
University of Kansas- Angela Brazil, Angela.Brazil@va.gov


Eastern Kentucky University- Steven Johnson, Steven.C.Johnson@va.gov
Elizabethtown Community & Technical College- Shannon Francis,   Shannon.Francis@va.gov
University of Kentucky- Joel Andrade, Joel.Andrade@va.gov
Bluegrass Community & Technical College- Joel Andrade, Joel.Andrade@va.gov


University of Maryland, Global Campus- Diane Wilson, Diane.Wilson2@va.gov


Kalamazoo Valley Community College- Brent Haddow, Brent.Haddow@va.gov
Kellogg Community College- Brent Haddow, Brent.Haddow@va.gov
Western Michigan University- Brent Haddow, Brent.Haddow@va.gov
Eastern Michigan University- Jonathan Cugini, Jonathan.Cugini@va.gov
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor- Jonathan Cugini, Jonathan.Cugini@va.gov
Washtenaw Community College- Jonathan Cugini, Jonathan.Cugini@va.gov


University of Southern Mississippi- Steven Welch,  Steven.Welch@va.gov


Webster University, St. Louis- Jason Blakemore, Jason.Blakemore@va.gov


Bellevue University- Melvin Neail, Melvin.Neail@va.gov
University of Nebraska, Omaha- Melvin Neail, Melvin.Neail@va.gov


University of Nevada, Las Vegas- Justin Whipple, Justin.Whipple@va.gov


Rutgers University- Valerie Williams, Valerie.Williams1@va.gov
Middlesex County College- Valerie Williams, Valerie.Williams1@va.gov


University of New Mexico- Philip Maranon, Philip.Maranon@va.gov


Syracuse University- Philip Maranon, Philip.Maranon@va.gov
Nassau Community College- Leslie Monsen, Leslie.Monsen@va.gov
Suffolk County Community College- Leslie Monsen, Leslie.Monsen@va.gov


East Carolina University- Jaqueline Henry, Jaqueline.Henry@va.gov
Fayetteville Technical Community College- April C. Riley,   April.Riley@va.gov


Cleveland State University-George Ackerman, George.Ackerman@va.gov
The Ohio State University- Edward Mathews, Edward.Mathews2@va.gov
University of Cincinnati- Jill Cochran, Jill.Cochran@va.gov


Cameron University- Alfred Finch,  Alfred.Finch@va.gov


Portland State University- Alexandra Birmingham, Alexandra.Birmingham@va.gov


Harrisburg Area Community College- Gail Hrobuchak, Gail.Hrobuchak@va.gov


Community College of Rhode Island- Micaela Black-Estrella, Micaela.Black@va.gov
Rhode Island College- Micaela Black-Estrella, Micaela.Black@va.gov


Midlands Technical College- Catina Booker, Catina.Booker@va.gov


Middle Tennessee State University- Heather Conrad, Heather.Conrad@va.gov
Austin Peay State University, Clarksville- Christina Hicks, Christina.Hicks2@va.gov


University of Texas, San Antonio- Wendy Foster, Wendy.Foster@va.gov
Sam Houston State University- Roberta Ardoin, Roberta.Ardoin@va.gov
San Antonio College- Sylvia Rodriguez, Sylvia.Rodriguez1@va.gov
Lone Star College System, University Park- open
Houston Community College- Chandra Arceneaux, Chandra.Arceneaux@va.gov 
University of Houston- Ralph Harrison, Ralph.Harrison@va.gov
Texas A&M University, Central Texas- Greg Primas, Gregory.Primas@va.gov
Tarrant County College, South- Ronald Christy, Ronald.Christy@va.gov
Tarrant County College, Northeast- Denise Edwards, Denise.Edwards@va.gov
Central Texas College- James Morgan, James.Morgan3@va.gov
Texas A&M University, College Station- Jimmy Rogers, Jim.Rogers2@va.gov
Austin Community College- Brad Robichaux, Brad.Robichaux@va.gov
University of Texas, Arlington- Tyrrell Biggers, Tyrrell.Biggers@va.gov


Salt Lake Community College- Mike Foster, Michael.Foster@va.gov
University of Utah- Jason Carter, Jason.Carter2@va.gov
Weber State University- Drew Bickel, Drew.Bickel@va.gov


George Mason University- Valerie Smith Valerie.Smith11@va.gov
Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria- Johnathan.Keefe, Johnathan.Keefe@va.gov
Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale- Johnathan.Keefe, Johnathan.Keefe@va.gov
Norfolk State University- Robbyn.Spencer-Bennett, Robbyn.Spencer-Bennett@va.gov
Tidewater Community College, Norfolk- Robbyn.Spencer-Bennett, Robbyn.Spencer-Bennett@va.gov
Tidewater Community College, Chesapeake- Latwice Foster, Latwice.Foster@va.gov
Tidewater Community College, Portsmouth- Latwice Foster, Latwice.Foster@va.gov
Tidewater Community College, Virginia Beach- open
Old Dominion University – Jerry Roth, Jerry.Roth@va.gov
ECPI University – open
Liberty University – Lora Nichols, Lora.Nichols@va.gov
St. Leo University, South Hampton – open


University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee – Patrick Grube,  Patrick.Grube@va.gov