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Maryland Veteran Benefits & Disabled Veteran Benefits

maryland veterans' benefits

The following are Maryland state-level veteran benefits programs for education, taxes, nursing home care, and burial. You can also learn about veterans’ benefits in other states.

Education Benefits for Maryland Veterans

In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, there are veterans’ education benefits programs provided by the state of Maryland.

Maryland State National Guard Education Benefits

The State of Maryland offers qualifying National Guard members a tuition waiver at state-supported colleges. According to Army.mil, courses “held at Maryland National Guard locations” are offered with tuition waivers of up to 50%.

To qualify, Maryland National Guard Service members must have a two-year military service obligation remaining from the course start date. This benefit may be used along with other education benefits including the GI Bill.

A similar program known as Maryland STAR offers to reimburse Maryland National Guard Service members up to 50% of tuition and related fees at “all Maryland State supported Colleges, Universities, some private institutions, and trade schools” according to Army.mil.

Veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Conflicts (VAIC) Scholarship Program

The Maryland VAIC Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to those who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and to qualifying dependents of these service members. This option is for full or part-time study but it cannot be used at the University of Maryland Global Campus or the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

The scholarship covers 50% of the yearly tuition, fees, and lodging with maximum amounts applicable. These amounts are subject to change year to year, but in 2022, there were listed as:

  • On campus: up to $7,735
  • With parents: up to $4,650
  • Off-campus: up to $5,220

According to Army.mil, scholarship award amounts (which may include state and/or VA educational benefits) may not exceed the lesser of the total cost of attendance or $28,000.

State of Maryland Memorial Scholarship Programs

There are two memorial scholarship programs offered in Maryland. The Edward T. and Mary A. Conroy Memorial Scholarship, and the Jean B. Cryor Memorial Scholarship Program, offer tuition and “other educational expenses” to qualifying veterans and family members who want to attend public universities in the state.

These scholarships are typically limited to the actual amount of tuition and mandatory fees per year.

To qualify, veterans must have served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces and must not have a Dishonorable discharge. State residency is a requirement in typical cases as well as meeting one of the requirements below:

  • Child, stepchild or unremarried Surviving Spouse of a Service member who died while serving on active duty.
  • Child, stepchild or Spouse of a Veteran who has 100% service-connected disability.
  • Child, stepchild or unremarried Surviving Spouse of anyone who died as a result of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
  • A veteran who has a service-connected disability of 25% or greater and has used all VA educational benefits or is no longer eligible for them.
  • A veteran who was a prisoner of war or was declared missing in action during the Vietnam War.
  • The applicant is a child or stepchild of a POW or someone declared MIA.

This scholarship may be automatically renewed each year as long as the student continues to meet program requirements.

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Tax Benefits for Maryland Veterans

Military Retirement Pay Exemptions

In 2023, Maryland increased eligibility for exemption of military retirement pay for veterans under age 55. There are also similar options for military spouses. Maryland state income tax exemptions apply to the first $12,500 of that year’s military retirement pay of those under age 55. Those older than 55 qualify for up to $20,000.

Retirement income qualifies if it was the result of:

  • Induction into the U.S. Armed Forces under the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 “or a subsequent Act of similar nature”
  • Membership in a reserve component
  • Membership in an active component
  • Membership in the Maryland National Guard

Federal disability retirement pay is not taxable under Maryland state law.

Property Tax Exemption

Veterans with a permanent and total service-connected disability rated 100% by the Veterans Administration may qualify for a 100% state property tax exemption on their primary residence. Unmarried surviving spouses may also be eligible.

Maryland Military Spouse Residency Relief Act:

Qualifying spouses of nonresident military members are classified as non-residents for state tax purposes.

This means military spouses are not required to pay Maryland state taxes for employment as long as they continue to meet state requirements and file a revised Maryland Employee’s withholding Exemption Certificate Form MW507 and an Exemption from Maryland Withholding Tax for a Qualified Civilian Spouse of a U. S. Armed Forces Service Member, Form MW507M.

Nursing Home Benefits for Maryland Veterans

The State of Maryland operates Charlotte Hall Veterans’ Home, which has been operating since 1985. The facility offers services including, but not limited to:

  • Assisted living
  • Skilled nursing program
  • Memory care

To qualify for admission, the veteran must have served on full-time active duty and must not have a Dishonorable discharge. Spouses may also qualify.

Other admissions criteria include:

  • Reservists who meet the legal residence requirements.
  • Non-veteran spouses of “eligible veterans to be admitted to Charlotte Hall.”
  • Maryland residents, at least 62 years of age or if under age 62, rated as disabled by either the Social Security Administration or the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Burial Benefits For Maryland Veterans

The State of Maryland operates five veterans’ cemeteries:

  • Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery
  • Crownsville Veterans Cemetery
  • Eastern Shore Veterans Cemetery
  • Garrison Forest Veterans Cemetery
  • Rocky Gap Veterans Cemetery

Admission requirements for these cemeteries are identical to those for burial in a VA cemetery. Eligibility criteria for both veterans and dependents is found at the National Cemetery Administration. State residency is also a requirement for admission.

Pre-need planning is permitted but you may not be allowed to reserve a physical grave site or internment niche. According to the official site, eligible veterans receive a burial plot, a grave liner, headstone, and interment services at no expense.

Employment Benefits for Maryland Veterans

Maryland State Hiring Preference for Veterans

A veteran may receive between 5 and 10 points of credit for state employment examinations as an eligible veteran, a qualifying surviving spouse, the spouse of a veteran with a service-connected disability, or a former prisoner of war. Some may qualify for added credit depending on circumstances. Applicants must otherwise meet job requirements for this consideration.

Maryland Veteran CDL Skills Test Waiver

The State of Maryland may waive the driver skills test required for Class A and Class B Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) for recently discharged service members who meet the following:

  • 2 years of experience driving vehicles as part of their job preceding their discharge from the military.
  • Must have a good driving record
  • A Commanding Officer’s certification is required for the type of vehicle operated professionally
  • The applicant must pass a CDL knowledge test

The waiver only applies to CDL License Classes A and B.

State of Maryland Occupational and Professional Licensing For Veterans And Military Spouses

Some occupational and professional licenses can be expedited for qualifying recently discharged veterans and spouses of currently serving military members. Members of the Guard and Reserve may also qualify.

Applicants with a professional license from another state may apply for expedited licenses that could be received within 60 days. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Received an honorable discharge from an active or reserve component of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Active duty Service member and spouse assigned to a duty station in Maryland.
  • Spouse or Surviving Spouse of a Veteran or Service member currently in the U.S. Armed Forces.

For more information regarding Maryland veterans’ benefits, please visit the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs

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