The transition from military to civilian life is difficult enough. We’re here to make you aware of the the biggest mistake GI Bill users are making, and how YOU can break the mold!

Navigating the GI Bill is difficult enough. The logistics, timeframes, and at the end of the day it’s all about money which is not the most fun thing to deal with.

If you’re reading this, we are glad to know you are interested in using your benefit. Going back to school is only going to make your civilian future that much brighter! However, there is one BIG mistake we don’t want you to make….

GI Bill mistake

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Using your GI Bill before you find your ideal school

Finding the right school for your needs is far more important that starting your degree program in a hurry. (It’s true!)

It takes time to reflect on what kinds of resources you need, whether that be an SVA Chapter for support, an on-campus Veteran Center, acceptance of ACE credit, or participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Reaching out to admissions counselors to get these answers before you go any further is critical.

Instead of begin wooed by their degree programs, you first need to know if the basic support for student veterans is there.

Trust us, first make sure the foundation of veteran & military assistance is there!

We created College Recon to provide active duty personnel and veterans with a reliable source of not-for-profit institutions. So if you are looking for school with a specific list of characteristics and traits, or if you just want to find some good, veteran-friendly schools, College Recon will spit out the names of not-for-profit institutions that fit that criteria. Helpful, right?

You can get started today.

GI Bill mistake

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Why YOUR ideal school is so important

Maybe you’ve heard through the grapevine that “X” school with “X” degree program is popular among acquaintances who have gotten out and used their GI Bill.

That’s wonderful! However, that just means that school “X” is one you can explore and look into. That doesn’t mean you then take their word for it and up and enroll blindly.

Information is key. Ask others where they enrolled and used their GI Bill. Then go to this resource to fully understand the veteran foundation that exists at that particular institution.

If that school is still looking attractive, then reach out to their admissions personnel through the same resource. (The best part is that you can communicate with admissions counselors without giving out your personal info!)

The more information you have, the better likelihood you have of making a sound decision on what is YOUR ideal school.


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