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GI Bill School Search Tool for Military & Veterans

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Not every student is the same.  Veterans have specific needs.  Now there’s a GI Bill School Search tool just for veterans, military and their dependents. 

Whether you have GI Bill Benefits or not, as a service member, veteran or dependent there is a college search tool just for you.

I’m ready!  Take me to the GI Bill School Finder tool!

GI Bill® School Search

Military-affiliated, college-bound individuals have different needs and priorities when looking for a college/university.

Most search tools don’t incorporate military assistance programs or GI Bill funding considerations in to their search tools.  

What if I Don’t Have GI Bill Benefits?  Can I Still Conduct a Search?

Yes!  GI Bill benefits are not a prerequisite.  Our Search Tool works equally well for service members looking to use their Tuition Assistance benefits. CollegeRecon is built for the military community exclusively, so it works equally well no matter your status.

In addition to providing a GI Bill school finder, it is important to consider other military and veteran-focused programs at schools.

Military and veteran-assistance programs such as:

How Can Students Use the GI Bill School Search?

How should student veterans search for schools that have the veteran support they need? Thankfully, a tool was created to solve this problem.

All you need to do is visit CollegeRecon’s GI Bill College Finder tool and use the Filter for Vet/Military Service to get a list of schools with veteran and military support programs.

For a GI Bill College List, you need only review the entire list of nearly 3,000 schools.  All are non-profit, va-approved and accept GI Bill funds.

Veteran & Military Programming

The CollegeRecon college search incorporates extensive search criteria (e.g. location, tuition, private or public), plus the 16 different veteran & military programs that exist on campuses.

If a college-bound student needs their university to have a Student Veterans of America (SVA) chapter on campus, they can select that search criteria and only schools that have SVA chapters will populate. 

By including the 16 veteran and military programs in your GI Bill school search you can strategically target military friendly colleges.

Specific for GI Bill users

It’s no secret that some for-profit schools actively recruit GI Bill users and their millions of dollars of benefit money each year.

However, the lack of support at these schools may prevent students from ultimately receiving a degree.

For that reason, GI Bill school search tool doesn’t include for-profit schools in the database.

You may rest easy knowing that all the schools that populate in your search are not-for-profit.

Secure Communication

After using the school finder tool, there will be additional questions to ask of the school.

That’s why there’s a feature for you to safely and securely contact admissions personnel on the platform. (No need to give your email address to recruiters and hope that they aren’t selling it!)

Simply click the “Request Info” button next to the school of your choice within the site to begin a conversation with admissions personnel. 

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