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Stay Informed of GI Bill Updates

GI Bill updates


Here’s the latest on the Forever GI Bill Updates and Post 911 GI Bill transferability.


After serving your country for (fill in the blank) years and earning GI Bill benefits, you’re probably ready for smooth sailing on the road to getting your degree. However, through the years we have learned there will be GI Bill updates and even changes that can directly affect you & your benefits.

A Prime Example…

Remember when the Department of Education decided to withdraw ACICS’ recognition as a federally recognized agency? How did that affect GI Bill users?

“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will continue paying GI Bill benefits for up to 18 months following the withdrawal of recognition of an accrediting agency, as in the case of ACICS, while the school seeks alternate accreditation or program approval.”

After those 18 months, if the school hasn’t gained back its accreditation, then the VA will no longer pay for a GI Bill user to attend that institution. What do they do now? Find a school that will accept the credits that they already paid for at the now non-accredited school. (Yikes.)

Be Prepared for GI Bill Changes

To help keep GI Bill users informed, the VA created a site where it posts real time (sometimes daily) updates on different matters that will affect GI Bill users.

Some topics that have been discussed:
  • GI Bill benefit rates change
  • GI Bill benefits are delayed
    • GI Bill benefit delays are a reality, and when they happen it can put GI Bill beneficiaries in a bad position. Knowing when you can expect your delayed benefits is far better than not knowing there’s a delay at all.
  • Scholarship availability
  • Updated GI Bill information for specific schools
  • How to choose a school to enroll in and use your GI Bill benefits


Receiving GI Bill benefits comes with rules and responsibilities. Staying current is extremely important because one slight change could totally change where you can use your benefits.

GI Bill updates

(Courtesy: DVIDS)

Our advice? Subscribe to this RSS feed and get an email sent directly to your inbox whenever there is an update. That way you’ll be alerted to any changes that could affect you & your GI Bill benefits.


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Latest Updates: 

Here’s the latest on the Forever GI Bill and Post 911 GI Bill transferability