What was it like researching & deciding on a degree program to enroll in before the internet? It’s better not to think about. Thankfully, we have the world wide web & a great deal of college search tools to help us begin or narrow down the search.

However, not every college search tool is created equal, nor is every college-bound individual looking for the same thing. So then, how do we know where to begin the college search as a military affiliated student?

College search tool for GI Bill users

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Military-Affiliated Students

Military-affiliated, college-bound individuals have different needs and priorities when looking for a college/university. So why won’t CollegeProwler and CollegeNavigator work for these individuals? Because schools that have veteran assistance programs on the top of their list, and those two search tools don’t incorporate these military assistance programs into their search.

Assistance programs include: a Student Veterans of America chapter, VA Principles of Excellence, 8 Keys to Veteran Success, Member of S.O.C, Credit for CLEP &/or DSST Exams, TA Funding approved, Yellow Ribbon Program, & more.

The Problem

How should student veterans search for schools that have the veteran support they need? (It takes hours to find a school that is of interest. Add even more time on dedicated to digging through websites to learn if that school even offers military assistance.) Thankfully, a search tool was created to solve this problem.

College search tool for GI Bill users

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This unique tool was created specifically for military affiliated students & GI Bill users to find the school to fit their nontraditional needs. Let me explain…


Veteran & Military Programming

This tool incorporates extensive search criteria (location, tuition, private or public, etc.) plus the 16 different veteran & military programs that exist on campuses. If a college-bound student needs their university to have a Student Veterans of America (SVA) chapter on campus, they can select that search criteria and only schools that have SVA chapters will populate. (Brilliant, right?!)

By including the 16 veteran and military programs in the search you can strategically search for military oriented schools. Hopefully, making the search for schools easier and more manageable for student veterans & GI Bill users.

college search tool for gi bill users

Specific for GI Bill users

It’s no secret that some for-profit schools actively recruit GI Bill users and their millions of dollars of benefit money each year. However, the lack of support at these schools keeps students from success & ultimately, a degree. For that reason, this tool doesn’t include for-profit schools in the database. Rest easy knowing that all the schools that populate in your search are not-for-profit.


Secure Communication

While school profiles in the database are very thorough, there are always questions that will arise. Therefore, developers incorporated a feature for you to safely and securely contact admissions personnel on the platform. (No need to give your email address to recruiters and hope that they aren’t selling it!) Simply click the “Connect” button next to the school of your choice within the site to begin a conversation with admissions personnel. 


The Catch…

The mission of this tool & it’s team is simply to serve those who have served our country… So, there is no catch. The goal = To help military & veterans create a bright civilian future for themselves by connecting them with supportive colleges and universities.

college search tool for gi bill users

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Try It!

If this sounds like it’s up your alley why not try it out? Set up your profile here to begin your search for the school that will best support you in your academic success. Best of luck!


*We want to hear about your personal experience using this tool. Please leave a comment!

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