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This VA GI Bill Upgrade Will Make Life a Bit Easier

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Modernizing the VA’s GI Bill Platform to Go Digital

Ever get frustrated with the VA’s GI Bill platform? You aren’t alone. 

The US Department of Veterans Affairs was awarded a contract in March to transform the GI Bill digital platform. This upgrade will improve education benefits and customer service delivery to the nearly one million students it serves each year. 

This new platform will be called the Digital GI Bill and will enable the VA to call, email, text, and chat with GI Beneficiaries. The platform will also grant the VBA (Veterans Benefits Administration) to have immediate access to beneficiary records and respond to questions from colleges and universities. 

This sounds like this change will make the VA’s GI Bill process easier and keep up with modern technology. 

The VA is using $243 million that they received under the CARES Act to support this overhaul. The process will take a few years and the VA will be seeking feedback from students, schools, and partners to make sure the correct needs are met when pursuing their academic and vocational goals. You can read more about this on the VA website.