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Oklahoma City, OK BAH Rates, Housing, Education, & Cost of Living

Discover Oklahoma City BAH Rates, Housing, Education, & Cost of Living

Find housing, employment, cost-of-living, and BAH rates for Oklahoma City, OK. Listed below are BAH Rates, college and universities, cost-of-living information, school resources for children of military families, and things to see and do in the Oklahoma City area.

Some of the military installations in Oklahoma include:

  • Altus AFB
  • Fort Sill
  • McAlester Army Ammunition Plant
  • Tinker Air Force Base
  • USAREC, Oklahoma City Battalion
  • Vance AFB

For information on veteran benefits, please visit our Oklahoma veteran and disabled veteran benefits page.

Oklahoma City, OK BAH Rates

Rank With Without
E1 $1,449$1,137
E2 $1,449$1,137
E3 $1,449$1,137
E4 $1,449$1,137
E5 $1,524$1,284
E6 $1,767$1,377
E7 $1,788$1,449
E8 $1,806$1,578
E9 $1,878$1,641
W1 $1,785$1,437
W2 $1,797$1,575
W3 $1,824$1,653
W4 $1,902$1,767
W5 $2,004$1,788
O1E $1,791$1,521
O2E $1,815$1,626
O3E $1,917$1,758
O1 $1,560$1,374
O2 $1,764$1,500
O3 $1,821$1,674
O4 $2,037$1,776
O5 $2,193$1,791
O6 $2,208$1,797
O7 $2,223$1,824

2024 BAH Rate Calculator

Local Colleges and Universities

Oklahoma City is home to several colleges and universities. Below is a partial list.

To find more Oklahoma City schools, use the free CollegeRecon School Finder tool.

Using Your GI Bill®

Anyone considering using the Post 9/11 GI Bill in Oklahoma City should know the following:

  • You may be eligible for Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) if you are a full-time student.
  • MHA is comparable to the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for an E-5 with dependents.
  • MHA is calculated based on the zip code of where you physically attend most of your classes.
  • Those attending only online classes receive a set MHA of approximately $1,054 (in 2023/24 school year)
  • Up to $1,000 is available each year for books and supplies.
  • The Post 9/11 GI Bill can be transferred to a spouse or dependent, but you must still be on active duty to transfer.
  • The Yellow Ribbon Program offers financial support in specific situations where the GI Bill does not fully cover the cost of tuition at participating colleges.

Cost of Living in Oklahoma City

According to Bestplaces, the cost of living in Oklahoma City has an index of 85.5, which is 14.5 percent lower than the national average and 4.0 percent lower than the average for Oklahoma. Notably, the cost of housing is particularly low at 56.6 when compared to the U.S average, making Oklahoma City an affordable place to live.


  • Overall – 85.5
  • Housing – 56.6
  • Groceries – 94.7
  • Transportation – 95.5
  • Utilities – 97.1

Other categories to consider

  • Healthcare
  • Childcare
  • Taxes

Oklahoma City Housing

The cost and availability of housing are key factors in deciding on the best place to live. As of November 2023, the average rent in Oklahoma City is $980, according to Rentcafe. People enjoy living in Oklahoma City for its affordability, access to employment, and access to entertainment and outdoor activities.

The most affordable and safe neighborhoods in Oklahoma City include:

  • Downtown Oklahoma City – $793
  • Nichols Hills – $918
  • Crown Heights-Edgemere Heights $793

Other desirable neighborhoods in Oklahoma City include Edgemere Park, Mesta Park, Paseo Arts District, and Quail Creek. According to Realtor.com, the average sale price of a home as of December 2023 is approximately 243,300 and Oklahoma City is a balanced market, meaning that the supply and demand for homes are about the same.

To learn more about VA Loan Program benefits, you can get a free eligibility assessment from our VA loan partner.

Primary Education

Oklahoma City is home to high-quality primary schools through local school districts, charter schools, and private schools. Additionally residents living on the Tinker Air Force Base installation will attend Tinker Elementary, Midwest City Middle School, and Midwest City High School. Some of the top-rated primary schools according to GreatSchools.org include:

  • KIPP Reach College Preparatory
  • Central Elementary School
  • Coronado Heights Elementary School
  • John Rex Charter Elementary

Employment Opportunities

Oklahoma City has a diverse economy that offers employment in numerous industries. There are a growing number of companies located in the area which makes it a prime place to find employment. According to BestPlaces, the job market in Oklahoma City has seen an increase of 2.6% over the last year and the unemployment rate is 4.4%, which is lower than the US average.

According to the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, job seekers can find employment in the following industries:

  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Biotechnology
  • Energy
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications

Fun fact: a unique feature of the employment landscape in Oklahoma City is that its diverse landscape and four seasons makes it a great place for meteorologists to study global weather patterns.

>> To find organizations seeking to recruit and place military, veterans, and spouses, please visit CareerRecon.

Things to See and Do in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City exists at a nexus between the rich heritage of Indigenous Americans, frontier heritage, a thriving arts scene, and beautiful natural features. Because of this, there is an abundance of activities in the Oklahoma City area for people of all ages.

  • Visit the First Americans Museum to learn more about the unique histories and cultures of the 39 tribes that are indigenous to Oklahoma. This museum also uniquely features a full-service restaurant that offers cuisine inspired by Indigenous American culture and a museum store where you can purchase handcrafts from First American artists.
  • Visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum to honor the victims and survivors of the 1995 bombing. The museum features interactive exhibits, collections of stories, objects from the tragedy, and an area for reflection.
  • Have a historic overnight experience at the Conestoga Wagons & Teepees at Orr Family Farm to get in touch with the past of the American west. The lodging features traditional camping or a more luxurious approach with temperature-controlled Teepees and Wagons.
  •  Enjoy an art filled day by visiting the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center. Both spaces offer unique exhibitions, educational opportunities, and performances.
  • Get some outdoor recreation time in at Scissortail Park, a 70-acre outdoor space that winds through downtown Oklahoma City. It features gardens, groves, and fun experiences like concerts, farmers markets, and more.


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