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Verify GI Bill Eligibility: A Checklist

verify GI Bill eligibility

Not all programs are created equal.  You’ll want to make sure that your degree program is GI Bill eligible. Schools aren’t “GI Bill approved”, but degree programs must be. Make sure to verify that your degree program is GI Bill eligible.

Verify GI Bill Eligibility of Your Degree Program

There are a couple of key points to keep in mind as you check off this step.

1) Don’t be afraid to shift to your backup plan.

2) Don’t commit to enrolling until you have completed this checklist item!

Task #1:

Have Your Certificate of Eligibility from the VA

First, be sure that you have your certificate of eligibility from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs before you proceed.

Task #2:

Confirm Your Degree Program Is GI Bill Eligible

Now, you have a degree program that you might pursue. Then you will need to confirm that it is a VA-approved degree program for use with the GI Bill.

Here’s how to confirm that is a covered program:

  1. Ask the admissions advisor
  2. Confirm with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (Online Institution and Program List)

Not verifying GI Bill eligibility by completing these tasks before enrolling can set you back. And most importantly could cost you valuable benefits.

If you have completed the previous items on your pre-launch checklist, you are ready to enroll and launch on your personal journey in education.





About the author

Terry Howell is a retired Coast Guard veteran, where he served for 20 years.

He is currently the Executive Director for Veterans' Legacies, a non-profit that works to preserve veterans personal stories to help educate our youth.

Terry is also the author of The Military Advantage, an annually updated guide to military and veteran benefits.